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Why Koh Samui is a Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Getting married is one of the most overwhelming, yet exciting journey. As you enter the new phase of life and prep up for a major paradigm shift with your partner, the honeymoon remains one of the key journeys of your life. This is the period where you can spend some lone time together, understand each other better and grow together as partners. Choosing the right honeymoon destination could be tricky, most people fall for seclusion and nature when planning a honeymoon. However, most nature-centric destinations have little to offer in terms of activities so couples tend to become bored after a few days if they plan to have an extended honeymoon. This makes Koh Samui a perfect solution to your problem.

Koh Samui is one of the newer tourist trends in Thailand and is usually opted by the wealthier travelers or those looking for less touristy and a more exotic destination. This makes it an amazing honeymoon destination since you will be majorly away from the noisy backpackers and will be able to enjoy the seclusion and nature. Here are some of the more reasons why Koh Samui is your place to be for your honeymoon.

The Airport

Do you love Airports and fancy travelling largely because you love airports? If yes, you will have your mind blown by this interesting little discovery as you will land in Koh Samui. The airport is very small, nothing fancy, yet easily one of the best airports in the world. What makes it stand out is its cozy and rustic design that is dominated by generous use of local wood and the overall theme is very naturesque. It would be suffice to say that this airport is going to give you a decent impression about what lies ahead as you will enter the island.

The Beaches

The beaches in Samui cannot be matched with those in Phuket, Krabi or Pattaya, They are less touristy, more secluded and are lined by the emerald waters of the Andaman that gently brush the pristine coral and white sands of the island. If you are willing to splurge on your accommodation, you can book yourself into one of the fancier resorts by the beach that provides you a private beach access. Alternatively, if you cannot afford that kind of an accommodation, you can choose mid range options and you can still access the beaches open for public.

The Forests

Nature in Thailand is not everything beachy. Koh Samui has lush green forests in abundance. Whether you want to go on a trail, or just want to explore the raw natural greenery, you will find amazing options in Samui. If you are an animal lover, you will love the Elephant sanctuary for the way it lets you interact and take care of these jungle giants.

Adventure and Activity

If you are the kind of couple who look for some adventure, you will be able to find one of the ziplining options in Thailand in Koh Samui. Other than that, there are ample activities such as Jet Ski, parasailing and Wake boarding among other thing. You can look through a wide range of Samui tours online that suit your budget and taste.

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