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Local Flavor AVL ReCharge station

Local Flavor AVL opens innovative ReCharge Station at Asheville Regional Airport

Opening coincides with company’s one-year anniversary

A year ago, after winning first place at Asheville Startup weekend with a new idea for an authentic Asheville app and website, Local Flavor AVL took off. Featuring only local food and drink, retail, services, musicians, and other local venues, the endeavor resonated with many local business people and users alike.

Expanding further, The Local Flavor ReCharge Station at Asheville Regional Airport is officially up and running. Located in the baggage claim/transportation area, The ReCharge Station provides over one million travelers and visitors expected to pass through the area each year with free access to multiple USB ports and outlets to recharge their mobile devices.

“The ReCharge Station is part of an integrated marketing campaign to maximize exposure for local businesses while increasing the amount of app downloads, website visits, and visibility of the unique offerings that make Asheville like no other place on the planet. This niche was waiting to be filled and we’ve seemed to strike a chord with locals and visitors alike,” said Ted Pate, Local Flavor Co-Founder and Marketing Director.

Several businesses partnered with Local Flavor to make the ReCharge Station happen and are featured in the video, which plays on a giant cell phone in the space. These businesses include Lexington Avenue Brewery, Sachi Massage, Adventure Center of Asheville, The Ramble, Biltmore Village Inn, Scully’s Bar and Grille, Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave, Chestnut, 32 Degrees Ice Bar, and Corner Kitchen.

“We have been part of groups that stress local products for our restaurants for years, but Local Flavor puts the spotlight on all types of local businesses in one place. It helps visitors see how diverse the local Asheville culture is. We love being part of Local Flavor!” said Kevin Westmoreland, Co-owner of Chestnut, Corner Kitchen and Corner Kitchen Catering.

“The popularity of Local Flavor has blown us away with thousands of app downloads, hundreds of thousands of page views, a huge social media following and incredible participation from local businesses. Local Flavor has become a microcosm of what Asheville is all about: creativity, fun, partnerships, and beauty. We are grateful to be a part of this vibrant community, and to get to show if off every day,” said Flori Pate, Co-founder, Creative Director and Designer of the ReCharge Station.

Original photography, custom signage, elegant hand built walnut counters, and other aspects of the construction also came from local businesses partnering with the company including An Crann Furniture, Asheville Color and Imaging, Cheadle Signs and more.

Nearly 20 local bands including The Broadcast, Red Honey, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, The Fritz and more were excited to collaborate with Local Flavor on this project and include their original songs on the looping two-hour soundtrack that plays in the ReCharge Station.

“When Local Flavor came to us with the idea for the ReCharge Station, we thought the idea was terrific. Travelers started taking advantage of the space even before construction was complete. The amenity is a great addition for those traveling through Asheville Regional Airport, and the colorful, inviting space adds a nice touch of the unique culture of our mountain town to the airport,” said Tina Kinsey, C.M., Director of Marketing, PR & Air Service Development of the Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority.

Local Flavor AVL ReCharge station

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