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What You Need To Consider When You’re Building A Deck?

Any renovations that you do to your home can be a costly affair and a permanent fixture, so you want to get it right. The last thing you need is to look at your completed deck and realise that it’s not what you had in mind or the functionality is not catering to your family’s needs.

Tips For Designing The Perfect Deck

  1. Yard and Ground Conditions

Building a deck can have a significant impact on the overall value of your property. Therefore, you must consider the yard and ground conditions before starting this project.

These Three Issues Are Of Vital Importance:

Trees: Incorporating the trees into your design for a unique effect but consider how the roots will grow and expand over time and make sure you leave at least three inches around the trunk for proper air and water consumption and have space to grow.

Water Runoff: even if you have a composite deck which resists moisture and mildew, you still want to manage any stormwater to minimise any possible damage.

Sloped Ground: If you have an uneven or sloped yard, you can consider a multi-level or building a raised deck with a staircase to create a levelled result.

  1. Attached or Free Standing

Most people prefer the deck to be an extension to their home, therefore choosing it to be connected to the house for easy access.

A free-standing deck can be built anywhere and is most suitable for low-rise applications such as sun decks or an observation platform.

This type of deck is ideal as a docking station when you live near water and considering decks Sunshine Coast.

  1. Intentions of the Deck

Take into consideration factors such as possible sun exposure, seating and outdoor dining. A grill should be built in away from the seating area to avoid smoke and heat exposure, and it will provide a safer spot for children. Make sure your deck has adequate seating for everyone and if you prefer your deck to be a cool and shady place, then you must pay attention to where the sun and when to build your deck in the best possible location.

  1. Decking Material

This factor will ultimately determine the cost of installation and maintenance. Decks that are built from capped wood composite such as Timbertech is more cost-effective when you’re thinking long-term, as it requires little maintenance as opposed to other decking materials that will have to be sanded, sealed and stained on a regular basis.


  1. Safety Features

Safety and code compliance play a considerable role when designing a deck, especially the ones with above-grade first floors. If you are making use of a specialised and experienced deck building contractor, be sure to ask them about the type of railings and fasteners they are using.

  1. Building Deck Contractor

It would be advantageous if you consider a specialised deck contractor to initiate your project. They are experienced in this field irrespective of the size of the restoration and are equipped to deal with any challenges that go along with building a suitable entertainment area that the whole family can enjoy.

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