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Why Do You Need To Hire a Drunk Driving Solicitor

Needing a solicitor is something that only you can decide. Ideally speaking, you must have arrangements in order to reach out and take advice from a solicitor in times when you’re detained and required to record a formal statement.

The United Kingdom entitles its citizens to be represented and advised by a drink driving or a criminal solicitor in case you’re called at the police station. You’re also entitled to this right when the court calls you to stand trial in a crime scene. The government provides a 24 hour on-duty solicitor offering free legal advice to individuals detained at the police station. The police are required to ask you if you wish to contact a solicitor. Moreover, you can make a request to contact a solicitor of your own choice.

What can a solicitor do for you?

You need a solicitor in the event that you were accused of a crime. A solicitor can help you in a number of ways. A defense solicitor having knowledge on the motoring law, road traffic, and drink driving law will be capable of analyzing all evidences and compiling the needed paperwork for your case. A solicitor will also be able to determine if the police have abided by right procedures throughout. If the procedure followed carries some loopholes, then you might have a defence to your drink driving charge.

They will likewise have the ability to educate you on the best strategy regarding the next move to make. At the least, they will be capable of setting up an organized plea of mitigation to present to the court in order to help obtain a lenient sentence.

Getting Solicitor’s Help is Always a Better Idea

In case you receive a court summon or are accused of a drink driving concerned offence by the police, the first step you should take is get an expert advice from a solicitor. You will get the correct recommendations about any potential defence you qualify for. A solicitor will also ensure that an appropriate statutory process is followed and represent you on your court appearance.

Other than helping you with defence and pleading guilty, your solicitor will assist you in various other legal aspects. This consists of considering any plausibility of voiding a driving ban because of ‘special reasons’ and assembling a well-structured plea to acquire a soft sentence.

Better Analysis of Your Case

Since the punishments for drink driving are so exorbitant and can influence your life for a long time, the laws in the UK are particular regarding the method the police deal with all proofs against you. An expert criminal defense solicitor, such as DFR Solicitors, can spot improprieties in the treatment of your case, which might be sufficient to have your case expelled immediately. A capable criminal solicitor will assess your case and settle on the most suitable defense for your situation.

Reduced Sentences

Hiring a proficient drink driving solicitor will result in securing the most suited outcome for yourself. This means that your solicitor will contend to get you absolved of the charges set against you or to have the charges rejected totally. If you have decided to plead guilty or are convicted of the crime, an expert drink driving solicitor will figure out the minimum possible penalty for you.

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