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Online trademark registration: what for?

Intellectual property is an ephemeral concept. It is impossible to protect copyrights to a trademark if it is not registered anywhere. Moreover, it may be that someone else has already reserved such a trademark.

Major companies disputes for the trade brand

Audi versus Fiat

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles use the Q2 and Q4 indices for the Alfa Romeo brand. These symbols are used to identify the front or all-wheel drive.
Audi has released crossovers models Q3, Q5 and Q7. The firm wanted to redeem the designations Q2 and Q4 to expand the cars range. But Fiat refused to sell copyrights to these trademarks. As a result, Audi began to use the symbols TT, TTQ and Q1.

The dispute between BMW and Gazprom

The carmaker demanded oil company be prohibited from using the word Drive in their products names. BMW motivated this by the fact they already have car models: iDrive, xDrive, MDrive, SDrive, eDrive. Gazprom defended the right to sell fuel under the G-Drive mark in court. The court explained the word Drive is too common. Therefore, it cannot be registered as a trademark.

Online store against Yandex

The dispute between the internet shop “Beru!” owner and the tandem Yandeks Market + Sberbank has not been resolved. They launched a project called “Beru”. The online store brand is patented in 2017. So, the court must satisfy the site owner requirements.

Trademarks registration ways

The most convenient way to do this online. For example, through the Bonamark service. If you are in doubt, there is such a brand or not, use the search function on the site.

What can be registered

It is advisable to know whether your mark is good in marketing terms. For this, Bonamark organizes special studies. In your country territory you can patent:

  • The words;
  • Logos;
  • Sounds;
  • Colors;
  • All the above combination.

Trademark online registration will allow you to license and sell your brand. Also, you can win a court from any company uses your symbols.


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