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Lexington Avenue Brewery, known locally as “The Lab,” will be hosting a night of soaring synthpop Thursday, Feb. 6, featuring music from Stereospread, OddSTAR, and Divine Love Mission. Fans of bands such as Depeche Mode, Postal Service, Owl City, Goldfrapp, Beach House, Chvrches, or m83 will be right at home at this exciting show.

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Goodbye Biltmore Square Mall


Today marks the official close of the Biltmore Square Mall. Although this mall always seemed out of place in Asheville, it was a beautiful structure that many are sad to see go, despite the fact that the mall has been dead for quite some time. The mall, originally built in 1989 has floundered since its conception due to a number of reasons including poor planning, infrastructure, high prices, and the direct competition of The Asheville Mall only a few exits away. 

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The 99th Pint – Devil’s Britches IPA

The 99th Pint - Devil's Britches IPA

A Friday evening, I met a friend at Highland Brewery. That night, I knew I was going to start this series but I didn't plan what I would drink. I want this to be an organic sort of experience. I'm of the school that any decision you make is the right decision at the right time.  Consequently, as we go along this journey, I want to drink what feels right and then write about it. 

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8 Awesome Activities for Toddlers in Asheville

born artist

As it is still the very fresh beginning of a new year, it still seems appropriate to begin the year with another "best of 2013" list. For me and this little family of mine, 2013 has been the year of new activities to entertain and teach my ever explorative toddler. This year has seen me spend countless hours researching where to take my little one on new, fun and hopefully affordable activities. Below, is my summery of my top toddler activities in the Asheville area (that we've had the chance to experience):

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