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Socialism in Asheville

In this era of “personal responsibility,” we’re all constantly vigilant for the coming socialist incursion, the conquering forces of the U.N., and the unbridled greed of schoolteachers. Well, one of those threats has slipped through the cracks, and it’s up to us to bring it to light.

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Asheville Sessions: The Moon and You

This weeks musical session is local band The Moon and You. Rooted in the rich music scene of Asheville, NC, Ryan Furstenberg and Melissa Hyman began playing together for fun when both were part of successful bands touring the Southeast. When those bands went their separate ways, Furstenberg and Hyman chose to join forces rather than get a job. The result of this collaboration -- between an impossibly sassy cellist from New York and a whimsical fingerstyle guitarist from Eastern North Carolina -- is hard to forget, but easy to fall for.

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Asheville Mobile Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Stray Boots and Asheville Local Expert Bring you a Mobile Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Local expert and tour guide from Asheville Food Tours, Chris Ortwein, has worked with Stray Boots to bring a mobile adventure to Asheville: Downtown Asheville ( While exploring downtown, urban explorers are introduced to some of the coolest locations and stop into some of the quirky spots and local merchants that give Asheville its unique charm.  

Part scavenger hunt, part tour, the Stray Boots app guides players around Asheville to solve a series of challenges and trivia questions while earning points, taking fun photos, and learning about the culinary history and culture Downtown Asheville has to offer. Start with champagne and literary history at the Grove Arcade before indulging your sweet tooth at one of Asheville’s tastiest artisan chocolates shops. 

Through their iPhone and Android app, Stray Boots offers over 80 self-guided tours, in over 25 cities in 3 different countries (US, UK and Israel). The tours play out like a scavenger hunt; customers liken it to doing your own private Amazing Race. Until recently, all tours were created by the Stray Boots team, but they have now launched a tool for local experts to create their own tours, privately or publicly. One of their first locally generated tours is in Asheville, where local Chris Ortwein will receive 50% of the revenue from any of his tours sold.  

To participate in the fun:

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Overheard in Asheville: Cinebarre’s Closing Day

Today at 5 PM Cinebarre showed their last movie. Drinks were discounted 75% off, and the parking lot was full as locals packed into the theater, selling out every single showing available today. A mere week ago it was announced that Cinebarre would be closing down their Asheville location, currently in the Biltmore Square Mall/Asheville Outlets. The report was that it was not feasible for the theater to stay open during the renovation of the mall, and that they were considering re-opening in 2015 when construction was finished. It was mentioned that perhaps the theater would scout additional locations in Asheville to rebuild. Now, that all appears doubtful.

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Adoptable Pet of the Week: Keeper

Meet Keeper! He is a one and a half year old Vizsla Mix. If we could pick one word to describe this energetic guy, it would be FUN! Keeper is favorite pick for the Humane Society's Hiking Hounds and Urban Tails programs, in which volunteers take adoptable dogs out and about on hikes. He offers the best of both worlds... after an adventurous day of hiking, he would be a sweet boy to enjoy a quiet evening with you. Keeper is very smart and would love a person who would work with him on training, tricks or agility. He already knows sit and down! He even enjoys the company of his other dog “roommates” here in the Adoption Center. Keeper is a fantastic dog who has been with us for quite a while, just because he keeps getting overlooked. Please give him a chance and we know you’ll fall in love!

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