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Where Locals Drink Beer

The answer, of course, is: anywhere. Anywhere there’s beer. In the kitchen, the living room, even in the bathroom. Ashevilleans love their beer, and with good reason: it’s fresh and tasty and makes a persuasive case for moving here.

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What the Crop?!

Crop tops aren’t going anywhere. From the 1970s to now, the look may have changed, but it’s still a top and it’s still cropped. Here’s the thing: any young woman can wear one! It’s not just for the teens. And what’s more, you don’t have to be rail thin either! From skinny to curvy, any woman can add some crop to their top. 

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Asheville Forums, a new WNC networking website

Asheville, NC – A new website called has made its way onto the Internet. A new startup and joint venture between two friends, AshevilleForums aims to be a landing destination for tourists and locals alike. “It is a place where people can gather and communicate outside of regular mass marketed websites such as City Data,” the founders explain. “We wanted to create an authentic experience for both locals and tourists to discuss the area.”

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