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Barnaroo at Franny’s Farm 2013

Asheville Barnaroo, established in 2009, is back this year and is being hosted at Franny's Farm in Leicester, North Carolina. Starting November 1st and going until November 3rd, this barn based camping festival is fun for all ages.

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Day 35: Bringing out the artist in me.

i was heading east again, to the cute little town of black mountain. all ready to walk the downtown streets and find this new cafe called the artisan. as i approached the town, i typed the address into my navigation system and was slightly confused when it showed me a route that led through downtown and then south a little bit. i had no idea that i'd be outside of black mountain. and i didn't understand how (or why) a new little cafe existed off of one of the windy country roads. but, i listen to my navigator's voice and headed south.... but, i got lost. or i did't get lost, actually. what happened was that i ended up circling back around on some back road which spit me out in the middle of downtown black mountain again.

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Parkway Rocks

rocks-2Most people drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway enjoying the view of trees and foliage especially during the season of Fall. And while this is part of the splendor of the Parkway, there is another aspect that many people miss during their drive.

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Day 34: On mosaics, community, & expectations.

it was mostly cloudy and chilly, and all i wanted was to find a little, dark, cozy cafe corner all to myself. i wanted to order something warm and pumpkin-y and yummy. i wanted to open my computer and sit there for a couple of hours. working, nesting, snuggling. sounds perfect, huh? do you think that's how it went for me? nope. it did not go like that. not at all.

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