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Asheville Therapeutic Salt Cave

A Special Place For Rest and Healing Did you ever notice how we are drawn to the ocean? When we are there we breathe easier, we relax, and we rejuvenate our body and our mind . This is the essence of Salt Therapy. A visit to Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave provides guests with 45 minutes of pure relaxation and rejuvenation, as all five of their senses are engaged by the healing power of nature. Being in the cave for 45 minutes is equivalent to being at the ocean for 4 days, without the pollution. Although manmade and constructed next to other downtown storefronts, the resembles the Polish salt mines from which it’s 20 tons of salt was extracted, deep beneath the earth’s surface. It is by far the purest salt available on Earth, uncontaminated by any toxins or pollutants. Jodie Appel, co -owner, says the caves constant temperature between 68 and 72 degrees and 50% to 60% humidity. creates a unique microclimate, a soothing oasis in which the mind can relax and the body can reach an elemental balance and begin to heal itself. Asheville’s Salt Cave is the first and only of its kind to be built in the …

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Day 27: a cup of coffee & a dose of reality.

today was weird. at first i was excited about my fika visit. for once, i knew where i was going. and i was really looking forward to it. not that i had any real major expectations or anything, but i had passed this particular cafe numerous times and knew that one day soon i'd visit. and, hey, i was in west asheville. and, if you're following me during my 40 days, you know by now that i seriously dig west asheville and haywood road.

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day 26: a cool cafe & a nature-lovin’ small town

i had a little time today, so i turned on some good ole bluegrass and made the 15 minute-ish drive to black mountain. asheville really almost runs into black mountain, thanks to swannanoa and east asheville, so there is really no excuse for you to not make the drive as well. you won't regret it you can either take the highway (I-40) or the old business highway 70. i decided to take I-40 out there, and hwy. 70 through, swannanoa, back. the day was just way too pretty to just park and go inside some coffeeshop. i needed a mini-roadtrip.

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Day 25: Peace, love, happiness, & a special fika.

today was a special day. it was my first co-fika. that's right. i finally had a chance to fika with someone, getting the full effect of the other way to fika - together. remember, there are two ways that i like to categorize fikas: those when you enjoy a coffee by yourself, whether you are working or just reading a book. and there are those fikas when you meet someone and enjoy a long cup of coffee, or two, together. this is the heart of the swedish fika - sharing moments together. creating community. nurturing friendships. enjoying family. (to read more about my understanding of fika, click here).

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