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day 26: a cool cafe & a nature-lovin’ small town

i had a little time today, so i turned on some good ole bluegrass and made the 15 minute-ish drive to black mountain. asheville really almost runs into black mountain, thanks to swannanoa and east asheville, so there is really no excuse for you to not make the drive as well. you won't regret it you can either take the highway (I-40) or the old business highway 70. i decided to take I-40 out there, and hwy. 70 through, swannanoa, back. the day was just way too pretty to just park and go inside some coffeeshop. i needed a mini-roadtrip.

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Day 25: Peace, love, happiness, & a special fika.

today was a special day. it was my first co-fika. that's right. i finally had a chance to fika with someone, getting the full effect of the other way to fika - together. remember, there are two ways that i like to categorize fikas: those when you enjoy a coffee by yourself, whether you are working or just reading a book. and there are those fikas when you meet someone and enjoy a long cup of coffee, or two, together. this is the heart of the swedish fika - sharing moments together. creating community. nurturing friendships. enjoying family. (to read more about my understanding of fika, click here).

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Make A Positive Difference – Have A Beer

While you, me and everyone we know tend to think of Oskar Blues as a local exclusively to Brevard, they actually started out in Colorado. And they intend to help Colorado out. They recently started a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Foundation, Can’d Aid. “It’s been a 15 year mission for me to organize a way to give back to the communities that helped build our businesses,” says owner, Dale Katechis said.

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