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day 4: on a mission.

i was on my way to the grocery store when i got a call from my brother. when he heard that i was going to brave the crowds at the market, he asked if i might take a peek at some fresh, organic, whole chickens or turkeys for him. you see, he is not gonna be at the beach celebrating thanksgiving with my parents, lina, & me this year. he needs to stay home. but, he’s cooking some yummy thanksgiving stuff anyway.

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The Redcoats Are Coming!

1268416_473425669431761_1203475236_oThe Redcoats Are Coming! to the Asheville music scene. This rock band is the brainchild of  guitarist Bucky McCann. Joining Bucky are Sam Frame on drums, Brandon Lowery on vocals, and Lee White on bass. We got a sneak peek of what they have to offer the Asheville music scene, and rock music enthusiasts get ready as The Redcoats are sure to please your rock n' roll soul.

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day 3: random acts of kindness = fun!

my love asked me to bring her a peppermint mocha from starbucks on my way home today. yes, the fika girl even goes to starbucks every now & then. as i was driving, i started thinking about what i would be "giving" today for my 40 days of giving. pretty soon, i had settled on the idea of possibly paying extra so that the person behind would get a free coffee. but, i had to wait to scope out the starbucks situation when i got there.

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day 2: grab a beer and just listen.

i got a text the other day from a friend. a fairly new friend, actually. someone that my wife and i have connected with, and all three of us have felt that this newly found friendship has the potential to be a great one. anyway, i received this text from the friend, who is experiencing an amazingly reflective time in her life right now, asking if we all wanted to get together for beers. the main reason? for her to share with someone all of her thoughts and feelings. she needed a sounding board, someone to just listen and be present with her.

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