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5 Ways To Support A Chemotherapy Patient

Combatting cancer with chemotherapy can be an arduous time since the regimen that’s beneficial for your health might have a few side effects on your body in additional as well. However, being able to raise a victorious flag against cancer is not only glorious but relieving.

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Prediction: Top 3 Fashion Trends Here To Stay

While 2015 had seen a fair introduction to fresh, monochrome apparel, 2016 had witnessed the rise of floral prints and the vengeance of sleek cuts and upholstery. Cold and off-the-shoulder tops became one of the many reasons to love summer, and checkered and gingham prints became one of the many prints haunting our wardrobe this season.

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Catawba Brewing Releases Barrel-Aged Apricot Brett Farmhouse Ale

catawba brewing

Catawba Brewing taps a special barrel-aged Apricot Brett Farmhouse Ale (7.5 percent ABV) on Thursday, June 29, celebrating the halfway point of their 2017 Passport Program. The beer spent six months in neutral oak barrels with Brettanomyces, then an additional two months of conditioning on fresh apricots. It has emerged with a complex flavor profile bursting with bright sour fruit, farmhouse funk, and a hint of oak.

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