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Pink Dog Creative Pranked by Asheville Artist

Using the digital magic of Photoshop, Asheville artist Brennan McElhany pays homage to the Pink Dog Creative of Asheville’s River Arts District.

A collection of 15 images including a Pink Dog hot air balloon, a Pink Dog funny car, and even Ryan Gosling wearing a vintage Pink Dog T-shirt. What’s next? Pink Dog Airlines?

To enjoy all this good natured tomfoolery, visit bmc.me/pink-dog-prank

Pink Dog Creative, located in the heart of Asheville’s River Arts District, is a former textile building that has been repurposed into a vibrant mix of artist studios and retail spaces. Artist Randy Shull and Hedy Fischer have transformed the facade of 342-348 Depot Street into a colorful panorama. The large Pink Dog logo painted on the building came from a well executed graffiti tag that was on the property when they bought it. Shull and Fischer decided to incorporate the dog into the building – but paint it pink – thereby taming the ferocious looking dog into a more approachable and whimsical looking creature.

Visit pinkdog-creative.com to learn more

Artist Brennan McElhaney works as a portrait and landscape painter, and freelance illustrator. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Brennan is president and signature member of the Western North Carolina Plein Air Painters and strong advocate of the local arts community. Mr. McElhaney is creator and curator of AVLARTS.com which promotes the visual arts in the area.

To learn more about the artist and his work visit BNMcElhaney.com

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