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Pitfalls of Kids Vaping

Ever since the first launch of the e-cigarette, vaping has become a popular hobby for many. There are platforms and even apps for vapers to connect with one another and share their experience of vaping with the community. With the rise in vaping, there is a fear that kids or teenagers would also develop the habit of vaping.

Although, vaping isn’t recommended, it is still a good alternative to smoking cigarettes. Now, the thing is that non-smokers should not consider vaping as it does have some side effects due to the fact that it contains nicotine. Even though, the nicotine content is much less as compared to traditional cigarettes, it is still advisable to not give vaping a try if you have never smoked before.

What is Vaping Exactly?

It is the inhaling of vapor which the e-cigarette creates or any other vaping device. The electronic cigarettes are powered by battery and have a cartridge that is filled with liquid from vendors like 13th floor elevapors e-juice which normally consists of flavoring, nicotine or chemicals. The vapor heats the liquid and when the person uses the device to inhale, it is referred to as vaping.

Health Effects of Vaping

As mentioned above, when you vape, it allows nicotine to enter your body. We all know how addictive nicotine can be and it impacts brain development. Not a lot is known about the long-term effects of vaping for the body since it is relatively new. However, we know that there is nicotine in the e-cigarettes. Here are some of the health effects of vaping.

  • Likely to become addictive due to its addictive nature.
  • It slows down brain development in kids and teenagers.
  • Affects memory, learning, concentration, mood, attention, and self-control.
  • Increases the risk of using hard drugs and even alcohol in the future.
  • It can damage or irritate lungs with constant use.
  • More likely to start smoking cigarettes or other drugs.

Furthermore, it has also been observed that use of vape can lead to the use of THC oil, marijuana, and other harmful chemicals. When kids use electronic cigarettes, it affects the way they feel, act and think. Parents should know about all the effects of vaping and should avoid vaping in front of their kids as it might lead to their kids also giving it a try and becoming addicted later on.


Pop culture and the media have made vaping a norm. There are many kids who can be found vaping. If you believe that your kid could also get addicted to vaping or is seen using an electronic cigarettes, then it would be best for you to discuss with your child, the implications of vaping.

As a parent, the safety of your kid comes first. There are also many programs for vape users who want to quit. So, if you think that your child should quit, you should consider enrolling them in the program. What starts as an innocent part-time thing could turn into something serious.

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