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Planning a Unique and Adventurous Date

Whether it’s a first date or the hundredth date, there are a lot of options available to consider when planning a date with your partner.  While dinner and a movie is a nice safe option, why not try something a bit more unique and adventurous that will leave you and your partner with memorable moments and an experience that will keep you connected? Here are four unique ideas for your next date.

Dinner Train

Imagine yourself enjoying a beautiful 5-course dinner with beverage service while watching beautiful landscapes go by as your train travels through the city and countryside. Now add in a murder mystery to solve during your dinner train and you have the perfect date of good company, delicious food, and a goal to figure out “Who Dunnit?” together. Many dinner trains also have options for hotel packages to make it a true getaway. Consider dinner train rides near Bradenton Florida for your next date.

Escape Room

One of the more adrenaline-pumping date ideas as of late is treating your date to an escape room adventure. Escape rooms involve being locked in a room with a bunch of clues and puzzles awaiting you and your team solving them so you can figure out how to get out of the room within a certain time. If you can figure it out together in the time, you win and get out of the room. If you lose, you still get out but without the satisfaction of beating the clock. This is a great date for seeing how you both work under pressure and hopefully bring you together as a team.   

Hot Air Balloon Ride

First, make sure your date does not have a paralyzing fear of heights. Then hurry up and book a hot air balloon ride date as it is the perfect mix of romance and adventure. Taking a sunrise or sunset balloon ride will provide the most spectacular views and there are lots of opportunities for picture taking together and time to just enjoy the beauty of the world together. Many hot air balloon ride companies will provide snacks or a champagne toast and it can be even more special if you bring your partner’s favorite foods or drinks.   

Trampoline Hall

Channel your inner child together and bounce your way to a great date because it is easy to find a trampoline park. Trampoline parks are full of trampolines and additional activities such as basketball, foam pits, and Velcro walls. Just make sure you have a dining option close by because you will work up a nice appetite after all the calories you will burn jumping together.