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Pokemon Go Gyms In Asheville

Pokemon Go Gyms in Asheville

Pokemon Go is an augmented virtual reality game in the form of an app that is available free for download on Android and Apple phones. This week old app is wildly popular, with many participating fans running wild around Asheville trying to catch Pokemon, battle gyms, and get free balls, potions, and more at Poke Stops.

For the uninitiated, the app works by using custom servers and Google Maps to display the area around you. To move within the game, you must walk with the app open. As you walk, your on screen character will move, and if you see a strange creature pop up, click it. This opens up a battle mode, in which you must throw poke balls at the Pokemon to catch it. Once it is caught, it is added in your Pokedex, and is now available for you to evolve, level up, battle up, and more.

poke stops
Image Credit: Gamerant.com

Poke Stops appear on your screen as blue squares floating above pedestals. These randomly generated stops are traditionally churches, monuments, murals, art installations, and other local sights. When the stop changes from a circle to the Pokemon emblem, click it to receive free in game items.

While trying to catch all 151 elusive Pokemon is half the fun, battling at gyms is crucial for a lot of die hard fans. Just like in the original games, players go up against high level Pokemon in various gyms to gain experience as well as bragging rights. In Pokemon Go, you are required to join one of three teams:

team mystic Mystic: Color – Blue | Leader – Blanche | Mascot – Articuno
Team Mystic is driven by wisdom and logic rather than emotion and trust.


team valorValor: Color – Red | Leader – Candela | Mascot: Moltres
Team Valor is driven by a thirst for power.


team instinctInstinct: Color – Yellow | Leader – Spark | Mascot – Zapdos
Team Instinct is driven by trust in the Pokemon.


pokemon go gyms
Photo Credit: Phandroid

When a gym has been taken by a team, the gym structure in the game will change color to reflect the current holding team. Players must battle by being in close proximity to a gym, and players use their Pokemon to fight in real time. Gyms are sprinkled all over Asheville, from a church in North Asheville, to a graffiti mural in the River Arts District, to a cemetery in Candler. So far, AshevilleBlog staff has counted over 50 gyms in the area, stretching from Arden to Woodfin, Leicester to Weaverville, and everywhere in-between.

Need help finding a gym? Consult our handy dandy customized map below. Click each icon to reveal the location of the gym. Know of a gym we missed? Drop us a line!


Are you team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. james@bluedozendesign.com'

    team instinct, baby! i really should not be playing this – i’m a grown damn man – but my son got me sucked into it, and i can’t quite seem to stop. help!

  2. Tedblackwood@gmail.com'

    I did not see the gym on sweeten Creek Road at the Beehive coffee shop. It’s right near Rocky’s.
    Thanks for making this map by the way!

  3. chkdzl@gmail.com'

    Does anyone know of any nest locations around Asheville area?

  4. conwearapparel@gmail.com'

    I love this app for so many reasons. It spurred a fitness movement. A lot of people are out there walking now. I’ve seen so many screenshots of fitbit step trackers before & after and they go from 2k a day to 15k easy. It also got the conversation started between a lot of people so lots of new friends were made (in America… I’ve heard some negative stories about the UK Pokemon Go community :/).

    It is stagnating now, but maybe that’s just because more hardcore players got to the finish line (is anyone level 40 yet?) first and this is the natural stage where new updates come out. The buddy system is cool and all, but if the next generation or different significant update doesn’t come out soon they’re gonna lose a huge fanbase.

    Even if they do, it’s a huge start for augmented reality. I can’t wait to see what other kind of games this genre brings about.

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