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Most popular mobile game in the USA announced

Most popular mobile game in the USA announced as industry continues to soar

When the World Wide Web first opened for business on August 6, 1991, everyone was excited about the possibilities that it could bring. As the internet became more popular and more advanced, more and more opportunities opened to the world. Now it’s the basis for almost everything, from work to entertainment and beyond. With the internet also came online gaming, an industry that has continued to adapt and improve with technology, which had an impact on almost every other form of gaming. Now there’s a new rising powerhouse on the gaming scene: mobile gaming.

With increasingly powerful mobile devices which possess as many functions as your standard PC these days, came the need to access the all-important internet. First Wi-Fi made internet accessible to devices not plugged into an Ethernet cable within a home, but then the mobile internet became possible, opening the internet up to anyone, anywhere. Thus online gaming became available on the go. Now there are games exclusive to mobile devices, apps to play alongside online games played on consoles, and even the ability to play online casino games and place sports bets.

Rise of mobile gaming


Source: Cnb Times, via Twitter

It wouldn’t have taken much thought to realize the potential of mobile gaming. Who wouldn’t like to have access to casino games or fun free multiplayer games wherever they are? But as technology began to develop and these mobile gaming options began to bloom, few could have foreseen this gigantic rise in revenue.

In 2016, mobile gaming – via either tablets or smartphones – already occupied 39% of the global games market, accounting for $38.6 billion of the $101.1 billion market, as recorded by NewZoo. The same source predicted, in the second quarter of 2017, that the global games market would increase to $108.9 billion by the end of 2017, with mobile gaming’s popularity continuing to grow to the point that it would account for 42% or $46.1 billion of the market.

Pushing even further, NewZoo forecasts the mobile sector to be worth $52.7 billion and 45% of the global games market in 2018, advancing to $59.2 billion and 48% in 2019 until mobile gaming eventually achieves parity in the market, valued at $64.9 billion when it accounts for 50% of the market in 2020.

In an industry that continues to grow, mobile gaming is aggressively becoming more and more dominant and is predicted to contribute more and more to the global games market as each year passes. But – who knows – perhaps a new innovation or craze will cause mobile gaming to grow at an even faster rate.

Not all microtransactions and base building


Source: 32Red, via Twitter

Many of the most popular mobile games are free to play with microtransactions thrown in to allow players to progress and gain power at a faster rate, or to reward developers for a game that they player truly enjoys playing. But one form of mobile gaming allows the player to play for something more than merely building a base and defeating other bases online.

As the internet grew, many online casinos and bookmakers began to appear all over. The sector has been very quick to adapt and evolve as the capabilities of the internet has, which also includes a big move into mobile gaming. With apps and mobile sites like 32red mobile casino, people can play their favorite slot and table games wherever they are, which has proved to be very popular with gamers.

Mobile casinos have very much become the standard, but some operators like Omni Casino stand as stalwarts of website gaming. While mobile casinos aren’t perfected just yet, with many much older but popular games not being compatible with mobile devices, casinos such as 32red manage to bring the casino experience to phones and tablets at the touch of a screen.

The USA’s favorite mobile game


Source: マグダ つづく, via Twitter

The mobile gaming market is flooded with gaming apps. Big name branded games like Madden NFL Football, Marvel Contest of Champions, and South Park: Phone Destroyer have a built-in audience who will see that their favorite brand has a mobile game and jump on board. Then there are also all of the mobile casino apps and sites, as well as the gaming apps that accompany movies and console games, such as the Middle-earth: Shadow of War app, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, or the Grand Theft Auto: iFruit, so it takes a lot for a game to rise to the top.

As recorded by Statista, the top grossing iPhone mobile gaming app ranked by daily revenue in the USA is Candy Crush Saga. In November 2017, the free to play app Candy Crush Saga achieved a daily revenue of a whopping $2,166,978, managing to far exceed the likes of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, which came second and third, respectively.

So, it turns out that the USA can’t get enough of the original rendition of the colorful puzzle game released by King in April 2012. Just to note, its sequel (Candy Crush Soda Saga) came in sixth, recording a daily revenue of $724,383. Mobile gaming is here to stay and will continue to grow in popularity as more and more developers realize the potential of the market and compete to make the best, most attractive mobile games. 


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