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Prediction: Top 3 Fashion Trends Here To Stay


While 2015 had seen a fair introduction to fresh, monochrome apparel, 2016 had witnessed the rise of floral prints and the vengeance of sleek cuts and upholstery. Cold and off-the-shoulder tops became one of the many reasons to love summer, and checkered and gingham prints became one of the many prints haunting our wardrobe this season.

Mentioned below are 3 of our favourite trends to follow this year, and we predict that these are here to stay just the way monochrome and floral prints have managed to branch out since the last two years.


Amidst eccentricity by Dolce and Gabbana as showcased on the countless rampwalks this season, designers such as Gucci not only welcomed a parade in scattered floral prints, but also established a reason to desire chic flatforms this season. Floral prints were a hit this season, and we saw flowers creeping on tribal printed skirts, kimono dresses, and wraps with a touch of optimism and an outlook fit for a 70s’ parade.


While you wake up every day to a boring schedule that patronizes your attendance at work, you might be challenged by the monotonous colors that you have been wearing for ages to work. Since ruffles and peplum made a huge scream this year, it’s time to update your wardrobe with kawaii clothes that would help embellish and compliment your pencil skirts or bell-bottoms for work.

Peplum tops also work wonders for plus-sized women who wish to accentuate their curves and appear confident in their skin and attire every day.


Denim is probably one of the biggest fashionable trademarks that none of us could be ever compelled to lose astray. Ever since denim shirts made a big hoot by revisiting their labels with embroidery and patchwork, we saw designers calibrating block heels and purses with washed out and worn out denim, as if ripped denim jeans and shorts weren’t enough to make our hearts swoon in desire.

On the other hand, khaki redefined our fashion parade and street wear by infusing the colour in culottes, skirts, shorts and trenchcoats for this summer, and providing us with a pretty versatile alternative to denim.

Amidst our love for floral prints, denim and khaki, fashion houses and boutiques amidst designers, bloggers and fashionistas revisited their love for stripes, gingham and embroidery. Statement jewelry made a huge comeback through cubism, metals and elongated silhouettes.

On the other hand, heels such as women’s cowboy boots and artsy bags such as basket or wired bags have managed to fuse fashion trends of 2017 with eccentricity and utmost opulence.

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