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Quick and Effective Electronic Signature Options with SignNow

One of the main factors in achieving success as a business owner is investing in modern software for your enterprise. For many years, such an integral part of any business as records management has been gradually converting into the electronic format. You can easily see this process on the example of many major corporations known worldwide. It is not efficient and beneficial in any way to keep your official documents all in paper form anymore. As of now, you should be able to create digital documents, edit them virtually, and sign PDF or any other format without a pen and a sheet of paper.

Digitalizing all the company records is a lengthy and meticulous yet possible process. However, it is not enough to create virtual copies of each document because you will need to manage them somehow. SignNow solves a wide range of issues at once by providing handy services for digital record management. With this program, you will have the ability to not only sign any virtual document with ease but also create it, edit and customize, distribute, store safely, and more.

Why Is SignNow so Advantageous for Businesses?

You can easily find hundreds of e-signature applications and services on the modern market. The main problem is their quality and convenience. According to the reviews by various digital signature apps, SignNow remains the most effective and well-rounded solution by far.

Many benefits make this program stand out among the other options on the market. These are a few of them:

  • Easy approach for workers – implementing a special and difficult software often means that you will have to spend additional time and money on teaching the employees how to work with it. To skip this lengthy and costly part, the programmers of SignNow have designed a simple and approachable program. Any worker, regardless of computer knowledge, will be able to utilize the program right away and work with it efficiently.
  • Easy to operate design – creating a convenient and simple interface for the employees is one half of the deal. Many other people, such as business associates and customers, usually interact with the documents as well, even if it is a simple signature to finalize the deal. With this app, you will not have to worry about people outside the company having trouble with it as this software is simple and accessible for everyone.
  • High-quality security – the safety of company records is the main priority for both business owners and SignNow creators. The software offers maximum safety of your files and protection from the possible hacker attack or leaking. All files are heavily encrypted to prevent data theft or corruption. Cloud storage is known for its strong security, and it remains one of the best ways of storing files online.
  • Multiplatform solutions – it is highly inconvenient to have special software installed only on company computers. However, it means you will need to be at the workplace to use it. Luckily, SignNow allows easy and quick access to all the necessary records instantly and anywhere. SignNow can be used via a PC, laptop, cell phone, or tablet. To cover the majority of mobile devices, there are solutions for iOS and Android products alike.

The Range of Solutions Provided by SignNow

With SignNow, you can enjoy wide functionality and ultimate convenience in documentation management. With the variety of handy features, you can create, edit, and sign any records without trouble. Take a look at the main solutions:

  • Customization solutions – SignNow offers a number of editable boxes for various purposed. You can use the necessary fields and combine them accordingly to each document:
    • Text box – a designated field for any text;
    • Checkbox – checkboxes can be added next to the lists for convenient selection;
    • Calculator –to make precise calculations and avoid misspellings, a calculator field can be added. All you need is to insert the required figures and see the outcome;
    • Time and date – choose the suitable date format and pick a date of signing the paper;
    • Signature box – use one of the signature methods available for finalizing the document.
  • File attachment – you can request additional records together with the file ready for signing. The recipient will add a document in question after the signature is placed and send it back.
  • Receiving updates – there is a useful feature that allows setting up notifications on the required documents. In the settings of the paper, you can select notifications, and you will receive an update each time a record is signed and complete. This way, you will not lose any document in the continuous flow of company records.
  • Branding features – you can add the company logo to SignNow for branding solutions. Using a unique logo makes your company more recognizable and improves your image.

Enjoy Enhanced Productivity with SignNow Software

Records management involves many stages for each document to be completed. It is possible to find different electronic solutions for each of them, starting with creating a document and finishing with placing a signature. However, this strategy is highly inefficient and costly. Many SignNow users mention in their reviews that this program serves well for all the processes involved in record keeping.

SignNow is a perfect option for quick, easy, and legal document management. Every signature made via SignNow is official, and it does not require additional confirmation. Small and larger-scale businesses alike can benefit greatly from incorporating this software in their workflow and enjoy the instant increase in productivity.