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Rainy Day Woman

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress: Thrifted (Goodwill, Old Navy brand), Cardigan: Urban Outfitters (clearance rack), Obi Belt: NY& Company, Wedge Sandals: Target

Location: East Asheville

Welcome to the rainy season! You can usually find me over at my blog A Day in the Life of One Girl but I’m here today to share with you what I wore to trudge around in during the weekend long rain fest we just had! Mind you, a long dress is not quite ideal for wet sidewalks but I wore heels instead of flats to fix that. You can find me in flats way more than heels but these puddles called for an intervention. rainyday2Since I’m only a mere 5’4″ a long dress has always been a close friend of mine. This maxi dress (another name for a long dress that comes to the ankles or below) elongates my frame and makes me look so much taller than what I am! 6 foot at least! Ok, ok, so not that amazing but it does trick the eye a bit. If your dress is really long (like mine here) wear a wedge heel for hidden added height. Don’t be surprised at the look you get from your date when you take your heels off in his foyer and you’re suddenly 4 inches shorter. Surprise!

I opted for an all black “canvas” and then added color (and a waist) with an obi belt and a matching cardigan. I didn’t buy these two items at the same time but the belt was lying in my closet floor (typical) and I saw that it matched a cardigan that was hanging fairly close to it. SCORE! The all black base of the maxi dress and the length make for a slimming effect with the pops of color framing my figure and the belt cinching the waist. You can wear the belt slightly higher for the effect of a smaller waist.

Are a member of the short girl club? What are some of your fashion tricks to look taller? rainyday1

About Jessica Underwood

I am a thirty something bargain hunter and adventure thrifter from beautiful Asheville NC. I love to find vintage treasures and create outfits from upcycled fashion I find at thrift stores, consignment shops and yard sales!

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