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Reasons to Get Your Heating or Cooling System Inspected

When it comes to appliances in the home, most of us ascribe to the “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” line of thinking. After all, why pay someone to come out to check something when it’s working just fine? When it comes to smaller appliances, like your dishwasher, this makes sense.

With the more expensive appliances in your home, like your heating or cooling system, this is a false economy. There are three main reasons to get your heating or cooling system inspected, and in this post, we’ll go through them all.

You’ll Save Money Over Time

If your system is not operating at peak efficiency, then you might as well start lighting up dollar bills. Heating and cooling systems are getting more energy efficient these days, but how energy efficient they are depends on how hard the system must work to maintain the temperature inside.

If the filter is clogged, for example, the air flow is reduced, and the system has to work even harder to maintain the same results. The harder it works, the more energy it uses, and the higher your power bill will be.

Efficiency Increases the Life Expectancy

You should service the major appliances in your home on a regular basis for the same reason that youserviceyour cars —getting them to operate at peak efficiency. A system that is running at peak efficiency will have a better life expectancy since it is not using as much energy as an unmaintained unit.

Some of this maintenance is easy enough to do yourself if you are handy. You can make sure that the filters are cleaned and replaced as necessary and generally clear any gunk that you might find out of the system. It’s a dirty job, but quite doable for someone who knows how to work a screwdriver.

Experts Can Pick Up Problems Early On

It’s basic math; the earlier you pick up a problem with any electrical system, the easier and less expensive it becomes to fix it. Now, for a professional, picking up a worn component is an everyday occurrence. Part of the inspection process is to test the systems overall output.

They might recommend replacing a part or tweak the system to ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency. Again, let’s use a car analogy here. If you have a clogged exhaust system, for example, you can drive your car. It’s not going to stop it working.

What happens if you keep on driving the car, however? The system becomes less efficient at getting rid of the gunk burnt during combustion, and the same gunk starts building up in the engine. Over time, you’ll get less mileage out of the vehicle, and, eventually, you’d have to pay to have the engine overhauled.

That means big bucks for you,and it is something that could have been avoided if you had taken it to a mechanic early on.

Your cooling system will carry on operating, even if there is onlya minor malfunction.However, if the problem goes unchecked, gear up for expensive repairs down the line.


It’s a simple equation: getting your system inspected at the end of summer and winter will cost you some money. That cost, however, will be offset pretty quickly by the savings in energy and the increased longevity of your system.




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