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Recovery Of Mistakenly Deleted Files From Your Drive

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Every one of us has experienced this, after losing some files or documents in a particular drive you find out some documents were important but then you noticed that your recycle bin is empty. When you encounter such problem, what should you do to restore those deleted files?, Do not panic, I will explain you to recover those deleted files in a way similar to this computer repair company.

Most Effective way

The most effective way is to look for your deleted files in the Recycle Bin. This is also your primary step. For that, you just need to double – click on the Recycle Bin or trashcan and by that, you can trace your deleted files from the drive you have lost the files. If you are successful in finding your deleted files in the particular drive of your Recycle Bin, simply drag it to your folders or recover it by double-clicking it.

Retrieving It Through File History

You should always EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard try to back your files by turning on your File History Backup. For Windows 10, to back your files go to Start Button, select Settings->Update &Security->Backup-> Add a Drive, in the end, select an external drive for your backup.

To Retrieve that File or Folder:

  • Search for Restore files in the search box, in that select Restore your files with File History.
  • With all its different versions look for the file you need in it.
  • If you found your version, select Restore to retrieve it in your original location

If No Backups?

If you haven’t backed your files and even it is unavailable on your Recycle Bin, you should try file retrieving software either free or paid such as Recover deleted files*.

If you are a Mac user you should try a software specially designed for it which is Disk Drill* which is also available for Windows User.

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