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The Redcoats Are Coming!

1268416_473425669431761_1203475236_oThe Redcoats Are Coming! to the Asheville music scene. This rock band is the brainchild of  guitarist Bucky McCann. Joining Bucky are Sam Frame on drums, Brandon Lowery on vocals, and Lee White on bass. We got a sneak peek of what they have to offer the Asheville music scene, and rock music enthusiasts get ready as The Redcoats are sure to please your rock n’ roll soul.

First things first – where did the name come from? The Redcoats Are Coming! looks great up in lights, but does it mean anything? “It tested well in focus groups” Bucky quips. As the band cracks up and starts throwing friendly jabs, you can tell these bandmates are close. “We talk every day” Brandon explains. “It’s unusual for us to go a day without all talking to each other.” This solid friendship grew from what started out as studio sessions. Bucky had originally started a project doing recordings at Colossal Studios in Fletcher, which he owns. Bucky and Sam had been wanting to form a band for some time. “I knew I wanted Brandon’s vocals,” Bucky explained. Then Lee came in on bass, and the rest is history. “It was too good to stick to just studio sessions” the band explains. “We had to do more with it.” Thus, The Redcoats Are Coming! was born.

What started out as studio sessions turned into a huge collective project. All of the members wrote to Bucky’s music. “We experienced a huge amount of growth” Brandon explains. The band strives for self sufficiency, and unlike other projects that may record and album in a week, The Redcoats Are Coming! spent about 3-4 months recording. Asheville is a very folk/indie/bluegrass type of music town, although bands from all genres play at the many local venues. The Redcoats Are Coming! is breaking into the untapped local niche of hard rock, and the bandmates are dedicated in giving that genre a local voice.

1269611_471974289576899_1061187413_oDo you want to help support local musicians? Come out to The Millroom this Saturday, November 30th. The Redcoats Are Coming! are throwing an album release party for family, friends, and newfound fans. Fans who – since having seen The Redcoats at their first ever live performance opening for Three Days Grace at The Orange Peel, have been coming into F.Y.E at the mall requesting their album. “No one really knows who we are” Lee explains. Those who do know of them can’t get enough, it seems. The album is titled The Taste of Crow. If you are too impatient to wait until Saturday, you can buy a digital copy on the bands’s website – www.theredcoatsarecomingband.com. The Taste of Crow will also be available on itunes before Christmas.

Now, check out the video below for an exclusive sneak peek at The Redcoats Are Coming! This was filmed live at The Millroom


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