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Senior Citizens Fighting Back Against Age-Related Health Problems

Statistics show that the average life expectancy in the U.S. has increased by roughly 8.5 years in the last 50 years. While the rate was 70.36 in 1970, the figures in 2020 show that people can expect to live 78.81 years. 


The graph is only set to move in one direction over the years to come, which delivers far more positives than negatives. However, as people live longer, they also endure a greater number of health issues. However, senior citizens are fighting back in style. Here are some of the key issues they tend to focus on.


Maintaining Mental Health Through Brain Training


While physical regressions are commonplace, mental wellbeing is one of the biggest concerns right now. Experts at Alz have stated that over 5.8 million seniors currently live with Alzheimer’s. This is added to by the array of mental health issues experienced by aging individuals. So, the importance of maintaining good mental health is clear. Ignorance is not an option.


The senior population are now supported by a greater understanding of the issues than ever before. As well as exercise, nutrition, and sleep, individuals are encouraged to stay mentally active. This includes continuing to learn new things and staying socially engaged. This slows the rate of regression to reduce the threat of dementia developing at a rapid rate.


Hearing capability is another issue proven to leave a huge impact on mental health. Poor hearing can contribute to depression and anxiety, in addition to Alzheimer’s. Therefore, regular hearing tests, followed by any necessary care has become a common task. 


Maintaining Physically Active Lifestyles


As mobility and reactions fade with age, it’s only natural that some of the activities from yesteryear are lost. Under half of adults 75 years or older are physically active, but that figure has actually grown and continues to move in a good direction. Organized classes have been introduced in a number of care homes. Specialized programs for independent seniors are also readily available.


In truth, the benefits of staying physically active are well-known. But the increased understanding has enabled seniors to realize that strength training is equally key. This supports bone density as well as muscle strength. Meanwhile, anyone with limited mobility and strength can look to low impact options like swimming and cycling.


The increased presence of physical activity can extend to yoga, which increases suppleness. Moreover, the meditative aspects of the process can aid mental health during these very important years of life. Its impact on life quality is phenomenal.


Staying Independent 


Losing your independence is one of the hardest parts of getting older. Around one-third of seniors living outside of care homes live alone, so the threat here is that they could end up in a care home. Assisted living networks offer a great level of support for both individual homeowners and couples in their senior years. Nonetheless, retaining a sense of independence is the dream.


Anyone struggling with mental health issues and respiratory issues may be better served by home care. However, many people living with physical complaints linked to the general wear and tear of aging can get help. On a physical note, total hip replacement surgery can restore mobility with stunning results. Further treatments can include knee surgery and postural corrections.


Modifications aren’t limited to the body. Homes can be adapted through increased accessibility solutions. The ideas can range from washrooms and adapted bathtubs to dropped worktops. They often provide the key to staying independent for years to come.


Preventing Loneliness


As the stats around seniors living alone show, the problems linked to loneliness are clear. After all, seniors do not have colleagues while families may be spread out. Therefore, steps to stop this issue are highly important. YMCA Parkinson’s schemes are a great feature. They help seniors maintain positive relationships and social engagement and deliver physical benefits.


Plenty of organized local events are created around the country. However, the older generation are increasingly capable of using computers to enjoy digital links. After all, a 65-year-old has probably had 20 or 30 years of using computers and modern tech. Even if they aren’t completely tech-savvy, easy learning modules can help them use video chat and social media.


Whether it’s human interactions or digital communications doesn’t matter. Daily connections with real people can make life far more comfortable for senior citizens. They also promote long-term health benefits. It is one way in which modern seniors have it far better.


Seeking Financial Stability


As you get older, you realize that money isn’t the most important thing in this world. At the same time, though, you also understand that life without money is far more difficult. Most seniors have prepared for retirement through 401K pension plans and other steps. Crucially, they have the understanding that it’s OK to spend money and relinquish assets. Even if it means reducing the value of their estate.


The average household had over $3,000 worth of unwanted goods even back in 2007. That value has only grown over the years while seniors often boast more assets than younger homeowners. Selling those is one way to gain quick financial relief. This can be supported with cheaper bills and discounts on various services and attractions.


A growing number of seniors continue to earn a little money on the side. Whether it’s through investments, a little part-time work, or making money from a passion doesn’t matter. Aside from increasing their income, it’s an ideal way to keep control over their expenses.


The Final Word


People are living longer than ever, leaving no option but to prepare for the golden years. Frankly, this should cover physical, mental, and financial health. It should also account for potential changes later in life. When a comprehensive strategy is put in place, an enjoyable retirement is assured.


Thankfully, a growing number of seniors in Asheville and beyond have realized the importance of this. Whether you’re approaching retirement, want to help a loved one, or simply wish to give yourself the longest time to prepare doesn’t matter. An appreciation of the above features will yield stunning results.