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Should Asheville Students Consider Studying Abroad?

Students in Asheville are likely to be prompted with the decision to study abroad at some point in their career. Those students who study at the University of North Carolina Asheville, for example, can choose from programs all over the world whether they want to explore in Hong Kong, Munich, Madrid, or a number of other locations around the world.

The question then becomes; should students take these opportunities? Are they worth it? Actually, studying abroad can have a plethora of benefits that you should consider.


The main reason that many students study abroad is for educational opportunities. Not only does studying abroad look good on a future resume, studying abroad will introduce a student to new teaching and learning styles as well.

On the topic of studying, it can sometimes be stressful to keep up with your studies and adjust and explore the new environment around you. Don’t be afraid to look for academic aid such as tutoring or college essay help.

Experience a New Culture

Learning about another culture is good, but it’s sometimes a little detached when a student is reading from a textbook. In other words, this isn’t the most effective way to know a culture intimately.

A more effective way would be to study abroad. When studying abroad, students are entirely submerged in another country and get to experience everything they’ve learned about a culture firsthand.

Language Practice

Many students who study abroad are also learning a foreign language. These study abroad opportunities allow students to practice their language skills on a daily basis. Students will quickly learn that having frequent conversations in a foreign language is leagues different than learning vocabulary in a classroom setting.

Odds are, a student studying abroad isn’t quite fluent in the language of the country yet. It is alright, though, because there is no better teacher of a language than someone who speaks it natively.

Even an Asheville student who studies in an English-speaking country will have the opportunity to see the language differences between the United States and the country they are in.

Meet New and Valuable Friends

When a student studies abroad, they are going to be studying, working, and perhaps even living with people they’ve never met before. These are often friends that these students wouldn’t have the chance to attend if they’d never studied abroad.

These people that students meet won’t all be acquaintances either. Many of the people students meet will become lifelong friends that they’ll be glad they didn’t miss out on the meeting!

Further Your Career

It was mentioned earlier that studying abroad looks great on a resume. This isn’t just because it shows that a student went the extra mile, though. It’s also because many students utilize their time abroad to gain international experience in their field outside of school and this experience sets them apart from their peers.

See the World

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, studying abroad gives Asheville students the chance to see the world. Unless a student moves, they probably won’t get the chance to spend as long as a semester in another country.

This length of time in a country is a great opportunity too. Short term vacationers only have so much time to see a lot. When a student is studying abroad, they get the chance to see everything they might want to in the time they are there.

Final Thoughts

In the end, should students in Asheville take the opportunity to study abroad? The answer, of course, is yes! Studying abroad offers students a once in a lifetime chance to learn new things and experience other cultures like never before. Take the opportunity while you can and study abroad!

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