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Six Unique Dinner Recipes with French Fries

Six Unique Dinner Recipes with French Fries


It is very rare to find someone who doesn’t love french fries. People of all ages enjoy this simple snack. However, it is not just a snack or a side dish, it’s the king of all best of the best treats. French fries can easily be turned into a wholesome magical taste bud dancing dinner. They surely don’t say ”fries before guys” without any doubt.


You just need to jazz it up a little to make them the star, the main talk, the spicy gossip on the dinner table. If you’re not sure how, then no worries, just sit back, relax, grab a

cup of tea or coffee and read along, we’ll take you on a journey of the wonderful world of French fries scrumptious ideas.




Let us start with something easy. Poutine is a pretty easy, fun, and safe option. You are very less likely to go wrong with it. Plus, it is delicious to make, why? Because it starts with cheese!


Who doesn’t love cheese? French fries that are loaded with cheese. If you don’t know what a poutine is, it is a Quebec dish, created originally in the 1950s. The heart of this dish is french fries, of course, topped with cheese, gravy, and meat of choice. 


Delicious bone-melting short rib poutine makes a great heartwarming dinner, perfect comfort food for the soul. It’s pretty simple, you just have to throw the ribs into the slow cooker with some onions and seasonings of choice. You can even get store-bought seasoning mix to make things easy. You can do this before you leave for work and the ribs will be ready by the time you reach home.


To make things even easier for you, you can use an air fryer for french fries. This way your dinner will be ready in no time and using an air fryer will make the fries a lot healthier rather than deep-fried. To serve it, just lay the fries and top it off with some gravy, slow-cooked ribs, and your choice of cheese. Enjoy it with a side of salad or nice warm garlic bread.


Pizza Fries


Are you hungry yet? Read along. If there is anything better than pizza, then it is pizza fries! The name might be a bit confusing but believe us the taste is amazing. The preparation is pretty simple as well, perfect for a busy weekday dinner. In a skillet or baking tray, lay your fries.


Then drizzle in your favorite pizza sauce. It is best to use something basic here. Something like alfredo or pesto might not be the best option here. Then add a generous amount of shredded mozzarella cheese or Italian blend shredded cheeses and finish it off with your favorite pizza toppings. Mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, chicken, or beef anything works here. You can even go crazy and add as many as you like. You can even add it all, we won’t tell if you don’t.


Lastly, place the tray in the oven and bake it just until the cheese is melted, sizzling and it’s ready to enjoy. It can be best described as a pizza where the dough is swapped with fries. Once you try it there will be no going back. You will love it for sure.


Codfish Delight


Unlike the other two dishes, this one is pretty uncommon. Because when we think of combining french fries with fish for dinner, the first thing that would come to our mind would be fish and chips. But no, this dish is very different from typical fish and chips. So if your goal is to try something new or to wow everyone at the dinner table, this is the best option for you. Keep on sipping your tea or coffee as we walk you through this wonderful dish.


To make this dish, you can use store-bought salted cod. Salted cod is usually found at fish markets and supermarkets. It needs to be thoroughly soaked to remove all the excess salt. This fish is then flaked and blanched to reduce the saltiness.


Then the fish is ready to be mixed with some eggs, tomatoes, french fries, and seasoning. The prepared mixture can be transferred to a heatproof dish and baked for about 15- 20 minutes, and wallah! Ready to serve.


Chili Cheese Fries


If you are craving something Mexican, something spicy and fun on a Friday night, after a long week, this is the dish you should tango with.  Though it is originally not a Mexican dish, it is inspired by the flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing with satisfaction. Cheese, chili, and green beans are a meal in themselves. But adding fries makes it perfect for any game-day meal. Are you ready? Let’s prepare this fabulous french fire dish, you will need some chili, cheese sauce, some green onions and jalapenos, taco seasoning, and of course, french fries. You can use store-bought chile and fries here to save yourself time but making your own at home will always be the best option considering the health aspect.


Once you have all your ingredients laid before you, all you need to do is to layer them. Fill your dish with alternating layers and finish with a layer of cheese. Then sprinkle some green onions and jalapenos. Lastly, bake it until the cheese melts and it’s ready to enjoy.


BBQ chicken Fries


This is one of those recipes that sounds terrible but tastes fantastic! Don’t believe us when we say that leftover barbecue chicken is delicious with fries. We like it with lettuce, tomato, and pickle, but you can make it with nearly any toppings you want. Just like pizza fries or chili cheese


To make this delicious dish, first, you need to prepare the fries as usual. Then place them in a 10-inch cast-iron skillet or another oven-safe skillet. Chicken, cheese, and onion are added to the top. Bake for a further 5 minutes, or until the cheese is completely melted. Serve with peppers, banana peppers,  lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles on top.

Ham and Tater-Tot Casserole

Let’s talk about tater-tots, another heavenly delightful gourmet.  This loaded baked potato style dish will surely please the crowd, every time you make it.  It’s also a simple and quick dish to serve to guests.


To prepare this dish, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). Layer fries, broccoli, and ham in a greased 3-quart baking dish. To make the sauce, whisk together a can of cream of chicken soup,  milk, and mayonnaise until smooth. Pour over the ham.


Bake for 20 minutes with the cover off. Cover and bake for another 20-25 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbling. Dinner is served! Happy tummy means a happy crowd.


To Sum Up


We hope you enjoyed reading all of our delightful French fries and tater-tots meal ideas. Prepare these simple and fancy dinners at your next gathering or family dinner, and believe us, you’ll be the talk, along with your French fries magic.  All of the options mentioned above are beginner-friendly so try them out and please the crowd every single time, without fail.