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Mooty's Chips

Small Business Highlight: Mooty’s Chips

As with every new year, thousands of people have vowed to start things off right by making food and lifestyle changes for weight loss, better health, and positive body image. Even when motivated, it can sometimes be challenging to retrain yourself how to eat and find suitable replacement snacks that are healthy and satisfying. Small local startup Mooty’s Chips is bringing a new type of healthy snack that can help you start 2016 happy, healthy, and full.

Nas Mouti is the founder of Mooty’s Chips. Living in West Asheville, Mouti felt a calling to start his own business and as a food enthusiast starting his own food line seemed like a natural fit. Mooty’s Chips are vegetable chips, made from locally sourced tomatoes. When asked why he decided to use tomatoes, Mouti explains that he settled on the popular vegetable while experimenting with healthy, light, low calorie options that would not require refrigeration.

The chips come available in 4 varieties and are made with locally sourced, non-GMO Roma tomatoes. Using younger tomatoes, Mouti carefully dehydrates and flavors each tomato in his commercial kitchen, which he built specifically for the production of his chip line. Mouti, who grew up in France and is a scientist, spent a year in the development phase experimenting with different flavors, tomato varieties, and dehydration methods before taking his product to the streets.

Mooty’s Chips first became available at the Asheville City Market in Biltmore Park, where the product was well received. Now available at the French Broad Food Co-Op, Mouti is working towards getting the chips in natural food stores and is in conversation with Ingles about getting the flavorful chips on shelves across Western North Carolina. Mouti told us of his strong desire to build strong local roots and develop a flourishing network locally.

Our staff received several samples of Mooty’s Chips, and we tried them out on our friends and family. Even those who aren’t normally fans of tomato products had positive reactions to Mooty’s Chips, especially the green tomato variety.

Mooty’s Chips can be purchased at the French Broad Food Co-Op and are available in 4 different flavors. Each package is $5.99 and contains 1 oz of chips. It takes pound of local, fresh tomatoes to make 1 oz of dehydrated tomato chips that are specially seasoned with Mooty’s custom blend of ingredients.

You can follow Mooty’s Chips online on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mootyschips/  and Twitter: https://twitter.com/mootyschips

Have you had Mooty’s Chips? Tell us your reactions in the comments below!

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  1. lauren@ediblemusings.com'

    Really good article and I’m looking forward to sampling some Mooty’s chips that Nas has graciously offered to send me!

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