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the herbal spectacle
Small Business Highlight: The Herbal Spectacle

Small Business Highlight: The Herbal Spectacle

In early 2015, optician Katie Lauver decided to halt working in local eye care practices as the optical manager and pursue the Asheville dream: going into business for herself. During her time managing several eye care practices, Katie noticed that a large number of clients were interested in supporting their eye health and prevent future issues. As a long term user of herbal medicine and natural remedies, Katie, who is certified by the American Board of Opticianry dreamed up a business in which herbal and natural remedies could work side by side with Western medicine.

The goal of The Herbal Spectacle is to create a hub where people can find eyewear, tinctures, and other herbal remedies specifically devised towards eye health and overall wellness. The Herbal Spectacle offers eco friendly eyewear, which includes frames made out of recycled plastics and metals, eco friendly bamboo, and other fashionable, earth friendly materials. Good for the planet doesn’t mean hard on the pocketbook – the prices of eco friendly eyewear currently available from The Herbal Spectacle range from $30- $60. With a charitable twist, for each pair of Blue Planet brand eyewear purchased, a second pair of glasses will be donated to Lions in Sight of California and/or Feed The Children.

In addition to stylish eyeglasses, The Herbal Spectacle offers up a line of tinctures, teas, and salves. All items are organic and handmade by Katie herself. Unlike with other herbal remedies, all Herbal Spectacle products are marked with warnings and potential interactions. The popular Migraine Relief tincture, which contains feverfew, lavender, and California poppy cautions women to discontinue use during menstration, as it can simulate bleeding. This small piece of information is a very important part of The Herbal Spectacle’s business practices.

herbal spectacle“Each item comes with an informational card and appropriate warnings, to minimize reactions in conjunction with the clients current state of health and medicinal regimen,” she explains. “How often do you see that clearly displayed on other natural remedies?”

All ingredients in The Herbal Spectacle’s product lines are 100% organic, and non-GMO and certified organic ingredients are used whenever possible. While eyesight and eye health is the main focus of The Herbal Spectacle, Katie believes in all body health and offers additional products such as beard oil, herbal smoking blends, and yoga mat spray.

The Herbal Spectacle currently offers eye wear adjustments, and soon will be offering iridology services. “Iridology is the study of inherited weaknesses in the eyes,” explains Katie, who uses a camera to take images of the eyes and study the patterns in the eye to determine inherited weaknesses and then can suggest nutritional changes to support the body.

Ultimately, Katie wishes to open an eye care practice that has a focus on herbal remedies and eco friendly products. As a fledgling business, she is currently offering all Herbal Spectacle products for sale online. This summer, you can also find The Herbal Spectacle at the The Asheville Flea For Ya’ll, Fairview Farmers Market, and the East Asheville Tailgate Market.

“I would love to work up to a mobile boutique,” Katie confides.

This Mother’s Day, the Grove Wood Gallery at the Grove Park Inn will be debuting Herbal Spectacle products. Stop in and talk with Katie on Saturday from 10-2:30 and Sunday 11-3:30. The gallery has an exclusive blend of Herbal Spectacle tea, with tastings available.

Find The Herbal Spectacle online: http://www.theherbalspectacle.com/

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theherbalspectacle/

and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theherbalspectacle/

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