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Social Media Marketing Tips For An Ecommerce Small Business

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E-commerce is a new trend in the selling and buying business industry. Selling your products or services is mostly done online nowadays. It is easy, flexible, and the potential of increasing customer engagement worldwide is high.

However, with so many businesses online, you will either fail or outrank your competitors. To succeed in this enterprise, you need to use digital marketing channels such as social media.

Here are some ideas for how you can optimize the use of social media in marketing your business:

  1. Choose The Right Platform

Social media platforms help you reach your goals and increase client engagement. However, you need to consider choosing a suitable platform for your e-commerce goals.

Choose a platform that’s appropriate for your target audience and their needs When choosing, refer to a course review site to learn skills on utilizing it well.

It is also best to diversify your platforms and spread your content to evaluate which works best. Here are social media platforms you can utilize:

  • Facebook – the most wanted and valued digital advertising platform since it connects to a vast number of prospects
  • Instagram – best for visual or physical products and hashtags in your posts is essential for searchability
  • Twitter – provides real-time communication with the rest of the world
  • Youtube – video hosting platform that offers monetization and has high levels of traffic
  • LinkedIn – professional version of Facebook where business-minded people engage


  1. Engage With Your Audience

Regardless of the platform you have chosen, you need to interact with your audience and keep conversations going. You don’t need to keep a very formal type of tone on your social media platforms.

Through social media engagements, your promotions will convert significantly. Here are some tips to keep your audience engaged:

  • Aside from posting photos of your products, post photos of your company’s daily activities such as events or parties your staff has attended.
  • Engage with them through questions in which they can participate.
  • Send out raffles or giveaways of your products.
  • Monitor posts of your followers and express your gratitude when they share your content.
  • Host live chats for real-time conversations with your followers.
  • Participate in groups to keep tabs on trending topics and exciting content so you can use them to prompt prospects.
  1. Use Influencers

Find influencers to pitch your products. Influencers with a strong following can boost your brand. Bloggers are also effective influencers as they can also help your brand awareness through affiliate marketing. Here are some tips when choosing influencers:

  • People with under 50,000 followers have more loyal followers, and it means more viewings.
  • Find the influencers who share the same values as yours.
  • Choose an influencer with followers that correspond to your target audience.
  • Find someone who has good engagement rate through this formula: rate of engagement = average (comments+shares+likes)/No. of followers.
  1. Place Social Media Links on Your Blogs

You should also create a website where you can post blogs about your products and related content for your customers. Integrate social media buttons on your site for easy sharing of your content or products.

Moreover, it will generate more traffic and exposure to your social media accounts. Here are tips to integrate social media links on your website:

  • Display social media buttons where they are most likely visible: top, bottom, or in the navigation, even if users move from page to page.
  • Don’t link social media channels that are inactive as it will only invalidate your authenticity.
  • Use analytics to monitor how visitors use your social media buttons. It will measure your success and identify which areas to improve when using social media buttons on your website.
  • Placing social media links is good but overdoing it is not compelling but only annoys visitors.


  1. Make Use of Videos

Show your audience your products instead of just writing about them. Create video content that will directly benefit your target audience.

One of the most effective marketing channels to showcase your products is through YouTube videos since YouTube is the 2nd most visited site aside from Google. Use these tips to increase your sales through videos:

  • YouTube can help you save time when you upload your content on it since it’s easier to share on different platforms.
  • Instead of many long paragraphs endorsing your products or content, use videos to explain them to your visitors.
  • Make your videos mobile friendly to make them get optimized automatically.
  • When you use video, you will convey more specific information about your product.



As a small e-commerce business, making your products known through social media marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies you can utilize. Aside from increasing your potential customers, it also promotes and makes your brand accessible. Expanding your target audience means you can improve your sales. Therefore, when social media marketing is utilized correctly, you can grow your small e-commerce business into a successful one.

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