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Specialty Areas Of Landscape Architecture

A great landscape design can give your home a beautiful finish that can increase its value in terms of appearance or the value in the market. It helps your garden look planned and in shape as some of the designs communicate a message of serenity in the home or area you live in.

Landscape architecture involves creating of structural designs for landscape gardens and outdoor areas however it takes more work such as learning the typography of the area so as to create the perfect designs. However there are certain companies that you need to work with when it comes to landscape architecture because of the experience they portray. This is the importance of working with award winning landscape architects.

The specialty areas are listed below and include:

Site Planning

  • A site plan is an engineered drawing that the architect will use to draw the boundaries and the space where the improvement will be done. The plan must include environmental and cultural factors and also the existing use of the land. This will enable the architect know whether the land can be used for its intended purpose.
  • It is also important to note that documentation of the analysis of the site must be kept for legal requirements. It looks to achieve the most efficient use of the land to make the environment more sustainable for the people staying around that place.

Urban Design

  • This is the design of towns and cities and landscape involves the green part of the city such as the parks and the green vegetation that covers the city. It includes how the buildings are brought up and whether they provide for streets and sidewalks.

Land Development

  • It refers to the planning of using large tracts of land for the purpose of development. This depends on the geography of the area. For example it would be better to use agricultural land to get food products as compared to building commercial buildings in that area. This is because it will kill its potential for productivity. In the same way it is not good to set up buildings in swampy areas as the foundation will not be strong and may lead to the collapse of the building.

Heritage Conservation

  • Most countries have historical land sites that are special and significant to them therefore it is important for a landscape architecture to keep this in mind and preserve this heritage.

It is therefore important to pick a landscape architecture who is experienced enough to keep all these specialty areas in mind that will enable you get great results for your project whether it is a home design or an urban design.

In conclusion you need to understand that different landscape architects have specialized in different areas that make up the entire package therefore it is important to look for an architect that is experienced in every one of those areas. These specialty areas apply to both home design and urban designs therefore it is important to take note of that.

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