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Sustainably Made And Locally Sourced Bari Naturals Launches New Product Line

Salon owners create new, all natural powdered dry shampoo and give back with each purchase

Bari Naturals’ Kickstarter campaign for its debut product an all natural, powdered, dry shampoo has now secured over half of its required funding. The campaign aims to gather support for a new to the market product that will have a tangible social and environmental impact.

The powdered dry shampoo, created by Moriah Luzius and Sarah Becker of Bari Salon, is locally sourced and sustainably produced.

It is a luxurious, salon grade product with an easy, practical application, featuring ingredients local to Western North Carolina—including mica, kaolin clay, and slippery elm bark. The dry shampoo’s natural makeup is gentle on the scalp and prevents dryness due to over washing; it is also color specific, making it a perfect match for all hair colors. Based on average national shower usage, using dry shampoo on a regular basis, in place of wet washing, can save an individual nearly 150 gallons of water per week.

Using a buy one give one model, Bari Naturals is partnering with a global safe water organization The Her Initiative to help find solutions for the issue of unsafe water on our planet and its implications for women and children in developing communities.

“As socially conscious business owners, we know how difficult it is to find products that truly represent our values and those of our customers. So we decided to make our own.” Sarah Becker, cofounder of Bari Naturals.

Moriah Luzius elaborates, “We decided to use Kickstarter because we’re inspired by the community they support. It only makes sense to use crowd funding for this project it’s a product that benefits the crowd. There are a lot of beauty products that claim to be authentic and socially conscious, but we are really trying to do this, from the ground up. We know we have a great idea, and right now we need support from our global community, in the form of preorders.” She adds, “it makes a perfect gift for Christmas.”

A successful Kickstarter campaign will ensure the product reaches store shelves and homes in mid December.

Bari Naturals have made a range of rewards available through the Kickstarter campaign, all at exclusive preorder prices, including single bottles, holiday gift packs, and case orders for salons and retailers. There’s a special reward for interested backers: the opportunity to take a trip with Bari Naturals and The Her Initiative to the Dominican Republic to visit a community directly impacted by the product’s sales; it’s a unique opportunity to see The Her Initiative’s work in action, supported by Bari Naturals.


Bari Naturals is focused on creating products that take small steps to bring tangible change. To learn more, visit barinaturals.com.

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