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Overheard in Asheville: Cinebarre’s Closing Day

Today at 5 PM Cinebarre showed their last movie. Drinks were discounted 75% off, and the parking lot was full as locals packed into the theater, selling out every single showing available today. A mere week ago it was announced that Cinebarre would be closing down their Asheville location, currently in the Biltmore Square Mall/Asheville Outlets. The report was that it was not feasible for the theater to stay open during the renovation of the mall, and that they were considering re-opening in 2015 when construction was finished. It was mentioned that perhaps the theater would scout additional locations in Asheville to rebuild. Now, that all appears doubtful.

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Goodbye Biltmore Square Mall

Today marks the official close of the Biltmore Square Mall. Although this mall always seemed out of place in Asheville, it was a beautiful structure that many are sad to see go, despite the fact that the mall has been dead for quite some time. The mall, originally built in 1989 has floundered since its conception due to a number of reasons including poor planning, infrastructure, high prices, and the direct competition of The Asheville Mall only a few exits away. 

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SURPRISE: Asheville Mall Renovation 2014

We've written pieces before about the Asheville Mall, and despite our misgivings about shopping there during the holiday season, the CBL owned mall is a go to spot for many in the city. However, there have been many changes afoot recently. The popular European fashion store H&M was announced at the end of 2013, with plans of opening sometime in 2014. This writer recently found out that New York & Company, a popular clothing store that sits on the same wing as Old Navy and Sears, is closing at the end of January, along with the popular FYE. Dairy Queen and Subway have also recently left the food court, leaving some to wonder what on earth is happening.

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Top 10 Reasons To Avoid The Asheville Mall This Holiday Season

In this issue of Insider Asheville, a monthly feature here at AshevilleBlog, I drop a deuce on the corporate entities that feed off the good people of Asheville. Don’t get me wrong; the big box and little box stores at the Mall aren’t all bad. Most aren't even evil. The Mall employs a lot of people, even if they are mostly minimum-wage jobs, and the Mall management only occasionally practices racial profiling.

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