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Malaprop’s Announces the Inaugural Rise Up and Read Together Program

rise up and read together

Malaprop’s Bookstore has announced the Rise Up and Read Together, a year-long program that invites all residents of Asheville to read the same book. Rise Up and Read Together is modeled on the “One City One Book” program, and is designed to build a sense of community and promote literacy. Like “One City One Book,” Asheville’s Rise Up and Read Together takes the idea of a localized book discussion club and expands it to cover an entire community.

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Day 36: F I L O


there is a little rock and stone building on a busy street in east asheville. i've passed it numerous times knowing that i would go in at some point for fika. but to be honest, i wasn't too excited about it every time i passed it, hence it's on day 36 that i finally darkened the doors. though i was totally intrigued by the rock/stone outside. i mean, seriously, how cool is the outside? still, it's east asheville. and though i live in central-east asheville myself, there are not that many funky, cool places over here. or not that i know of yet. the coolness is left for central and west asheville.

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Day 32. Dream a little European dream.


there is a place where i can go if i am homesick for sweden. well, perhaps not sweden specifically, but at least something that's a little bit european.

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Day 30. I’m going north.


i found myself driving on i-26 north today. and that could mean only one thing.. i was headed to weaverville, a small town just about 10-15 minutes from asheville. i had not planned this at all. like i said, i just found myself on the highway, headed north.

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day 28: going granola.


just off busy hendersonville road, south of the biltmore estate and biltmore village, you can find biltmore coffee traders. set back from the road a bit, the cute, red cottage looks inviting and, based on my previous experiences, i knew to let all expectations fall to the wayside. i just parked my car and went inside.

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Day 23: Where everybody knows your name.


i found the coffee version of Cheers (you know the 80s tv show about the pub/bar in Boston) in a strip mall just north of Asheville.

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Day 22: One cup of coffee that makes a difference.


i pretty much had no idea what i was getting myself into when i visited the downtown market. it sounds like a regular place. you know, cafes with the word "market" usually sell some sandwiches and soup. it sounds like a little bit of an upscale place where you'll find middle-aged people. lots of tourists. so, when i typed in "downtown asheville cafes" in my phone and downtown market popped up, i thought i knew exactly what i was in for. the only thing was, it was a little bit out of the way from the center, center of downtown, on a street headed toward the river arts district - known for its artsy-ness.

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Day 20: Halfway!


i can't believe it! i am halfway done with my 40 days of fika project! on the one hand, it seems as if it has flown by. on the other, it feels like an eternity since that first visit to waking life. wow. and you know what? it's a little hard to try to put into words all that i have experienced and learned. i'm not sure if i can really even try. i feel like i need to wait until the entire 40 days is complete before i try to process what this project has meant to me.

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Day 18: I just had to listen to the Beatles as I wrote this.


there is a cafe that i have seen many, many times, yet have never gone "in".  or rather, "to" it. but, the sun was shining, the air was warm, and i had just enough time, so i decided that this would be the day!

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Day 16: Chocolate heaven, baby.


what's your feeling on chocolate? like it? love it? addicted to it? and how do you feel about chocolate and coffee? i, for one, love enjoying some of the yummy dark, sweet stuff and sipping on some coffee. and that is exactly what i did.

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