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The 10 benefits of document digitization

Digitizing documents is a smart and green choice. Saving space, increasing security, working better, etc. are just some advantages of this process. Digitization is a phenomenon that cannot be avoided if one wants to achieve the success of a company and, above all, if one wants to streamline work processes. Until now, in our country, most of the work still goes through print documentation, which is not the fastest solution for the business. Printed paper in fact presents a whole series of problems, which could be overcome with digitization or with the use of Panini I Deal.

Here are the 10 benefits of document digitization.

  • More space in the office
    Digitizing documents will save space, allowing to empty entire areas dedicated to  the storage of printed documentation and papers.
  • Longer preservation of documents
    Handling paper documents several times and years later also means deteriorating them and the risk of losing important information. The digitization of documents is the best alternative to safeguard all data and information in an archive.
  • Greater security
    Unlike the paper version, a digital document can be protected with a password, encrypted, or safely stored on the cloud. It is also possible to restrict access and track activities related to the file.
  • Better collaboration
    With digital documentation, it will be much easier to share projects and collaborate, even from a distance.
  • Quick checks
    Legal, tax, or corporate procedures will generally be simplified. The files can be organized and presented much more quickly if necessary.
  • Best customer service
    Instead of printing and sending invoices or documents to customers in various places, digitization allows instant, much faster, and cheaper communications. Moreover, it will be easier to check the reliability of the documentation, even without usind a Panini I Deal – which is, however, essential in case of printed material. 
  • Less paper accumulation
    We know it pretty well: Messy desks full of sheets. Managing large paper dumps is a waste of time and space and it is connected with unnecessary stress, easily avoidable with a digital archive.
  • Immunity from natural hazards
    Fires, floods, and calamities can seriously jeopardize the survival of a company, as well as of its printed documentation. By backing up the files and digitizing them, they will be always safe and accessible from everywhere and from every device.
  • More time
    According to some statistics, the average time to find a paper document is around 37 minutes. Digital files are found quickly, also without having to leave the desk.
  • A cleaner planet
    The digitization of documents is not only good for a company, but also for the Earth in general. It allows to reduce the waste of paper, therefore deforestation and waste disposal.

The complete digitization of documentation is not present, yet. In the meantime, small offices, in order to be sure to handle original and reliable documents, such as checks and bills, can use Panini I Deal. No other better solution does exist.