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The Best Up and Coming Cultural Events in Asheville

Asheville has a lot to offer in terms of culture and art. Being one of North Carolina’s sought-after cities for the promotion of aesthetic lifestyles, the city is a great way to expose yourself to the arts. With live music being a prime driver of the local economy, Asheville has been regarded as a musical center.

But it’s not only great tunes that make the city’s local art scene so vibrant. Other cultural events are turning Asheville into a prime location for artists not only in the United States but also from across the globe. We can only look at the numerous art festivals that are making their mark on the city in the months to come. So, if you’re looking to get your fill of the beautiful and the sublime before the year ends, take a look at the most important cultural events you might want to attend in the great city of Asheville and nearby towns!


  1. Cherokee Pow Wow – July 5 to 7

Immerse yourself in Native American culture by attending the Cherokee Pow Wow, an extravagant presentation of authentic local culture, complete with musical performances prepared by hundreds of dancers vying to win thousands of dollars. While you’re at it, drop by local craft vendors and savor great food and buy souvenirs to remember this one-of-a-kind experience.


  1. Coon Dog Day Festival – July 6

If you’re a dog lover, then you might as well visit the Coon Dog Day Festival at Saluda. This event has everything you love that’s related to dogs, from treeing contests to parades featuring coon dogs and live music. What’s more, you also get the chance to adopt your own coon dog courtesy of shelters and agencies joining the festival. Be sure to attend this event just 35 miles outside of Asheville. Bring along your best (four-legged) friend for a furry fun time!


  1. International Day Festival – July 27

Thinking of getting an Air NZ coupon code and book a flight to the land of the Hobbits? Want to experience authentic Eastern European culture at its finest? We all want to get a taste of the international, but if you happen to live in Asheville, it wouldn’t take you more than 30 miles to travel the globe in one place. Head on over to Waynesville for International Day 2019 where you can savor authentic food from the world over and witness exotic cultural performances from both local and international groups. Try out authentic dishes at various kiosks selling pastries, beers, and everything else to make this a gastronomic and cultural experience you wouldn’t want to forget.


  1. Heritage Weekend – September 21 to 22

If you’re looking for an authentic cultural experience while you’re in Asheville, there are a few months left to go before Heritage Weekend starting September 21st at the Folk Art Center. What makes this event so special? There you can get a firsthand look at what Appalachian life is all about, with workshops and competitions that touch on all aspects of the local culture, from beekeeping to arts and crafts.


Asheville has a lot more in store for all you art nerds, so make sure to stay tuned for more about local cultural events and activities.

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