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The Most Important Tools for Livestock Ranchers

Being a livestock rancher opens you up to a lot of work and obligations.  You both want and need to ensure that the animals are well cared for while also trying not to pile on more work.  This line of work pushes you to perfect three to four different jobs, so any tools you can find to help are welcome.


These are the top tools you’ll need…

  1. Livestock Trailers

Your animals won’t spend every moment of their lives on your ranch.  Whether you have to take them to a vet or a fair or you’re selling them live, livestock trailers are a must.  


Try to get larger ones based on how many animals you have.  If you have many, try to get a couple of trailers that can carry at least two to three large animals each.  This is great, especially for moving animals like horses.

  1. Livestock Chutes

Your cattle, bigs, horses, and other animals will all need to have occasional vet visits and shots. In addition, many veterinarians will travel to you instead of making you go to them, which means you need to have a safe space for them to do their work. 


A good livestock chute is also useful because it gives you a location to apply tags or administer medication and weigh your animals.

  1. Basic Veterinary Tools

Some veterinary tools are important to keep on hand.  Although you should still call a licensed professional if you notice an issue you don’t know if you can handle: keeping minor tools on hand will help you in most situations


This means things like the Merck Veterinary Manual, plenty of gloves and syringes, alcohol wipes, and swabs for anything from injections to adding tags onto your animals.

  1. Livestock Scales

Connected with livestock chutes, scales made to help weigh moving livestock can make the process a lot easier for you.


Although you can weigh an animal on a stationary scale, it may ruin the readings if they shift or move a lot.  

  1. Tracking Software

The average ranch has at least thirty-five animals.  Although this may seem manageable, it isn’t easy to keep track of that much animal information.


Instead of trying to keep track of when an animal last had a vaccination or what weight they were when you last looked at them, a good livestock management software will keep an eye on all of this information for you.  This is better since you don’t have to lug around paper and pens; it also ensures that it can easily be accessed and organized.

  1. An Organization System

Branding livestock has been going out of style for the last fifty years, and in its place, tagging and other organization systems have been gaining steam.


Having tags on hand with a pre-decided organization system gives you the chance to keep your animals in order so that you can recognize them at a glance without having to memorize their patterns.  This sets you up for long-term success without risking mistakes.