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Thin Hair: Hairstyling Ideas And Tricks

When it comes to the beauty of a woman hair has a major role to play. It enhances a woman’s personality and set tone for her overall appearance. That’s the main reason why most of the women dream of having long and voluminous hair. However, not all of us are blessed with healthy hair.

A good number of women have hair that’s fine and thin. If you belong to this category chances are high that you’ve tried different kinds of hairstyling products like hair mousse, volumizing conditioners, and shampoos, and hair sprays to make your hair appear voluminous.

The reason for your hair being thin and flat could be many. It could be due to dietary changes, lack of nutrition, could be hereditary or due to an underlying medical condition. At times choosing the wrong haircut or an inexperienced hairstylist could be the reason for your hair looking limp and flat. Holly Moore from SeroVital Hair Regeneres (SVHairRegeneres.com) explains that thinning hair for women is a common problem and can be fixed in just a few months.

You can add life to your lifeless locks through the right hairstyle and haircut. This will create an illusion of thickness to your fine and flat hair. Let’s take a look at the different ways by which you can deal with thin hair.

Cut It Short

If you have thin hair it would be a huge mistake to keep it really long. This could make your hair appear even thinner and lifeless. Most people are of the view that keeping your hair long when it is quite thin is the way to make it look voluminous. Your lifeless hair will look much healthier and happy when you cut it short. To make it voluminous add a few layers too.

Blow Dry And Brush

Blow drying your hair is another way by which you can add volume to your thin hair. At the same time brush your hair in the opposite directions. You’ll be shocked at the results! Your hair will appear to be bouncy and thick.

Use A Hair Mousse

If you have flat and thin hair, hair mousse is ‘the’ product for you. Mousse makes your hair bouncy and adds volume to it. This product also makes your hair shinier without making it stiff and hard. Mousse is also good for removing frizz from your hair. Make sure you invest in a good quality product so that you can use it regularly without fear of damaging your hair.

Use A Lighter Shade On Your Hair

Your scalp is more visible when you have thin hair. If you have black or dark hair it makes your scalp more visible. Using a hair colour that are a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour would be a wise idea. The visibility of your scalp becomes lesser. Adding streaks to your hair is another way to add volume and depth to your hair.

Use Scarfs And Headbands

Headbands and scarfs are your perfect companions when you have thin hair. Tie an elastic headband or a scarf around your head to disguise the fineness of your hair.

Haircuts For Thin Hair

Pixie Hair Cut

When you opt for a pixie haircut the length of your hair will be quite short but with the right style, a pixie cut makes your thin and flat strands of hair look dense and full. Pixie hair cut has a number of different variations. Choose a style that would make your hair look voluminous.

Different Styles Of Bob

Opting for different styles of bob cut is another way to make your hair look fuller and thick. This classic haircut never goes out of style. A blunt bob works perfectly for thin haired women. Without having to sacrifice on the volume of your hair a blunt bob adds perfect dimension to it. The thinner your hair the more blunt and short it should be cut to create a fuller look.

An angled bob works perfectly well if you have straight strands of hair. This is a bob where your hair stays slightly longer in the front and shorter at the back. You can also try out asymmetrical bob, stacked bob, choppy bob, or A-line bob if you have fine locks.

Lob Hairstyles

A lob haircut works well for women with thin hair and it doesn’t matter if you have wavy or straight locks. A classic lob is a medium length hairstyle where your hair reaches your shoulders. A lob cut with long layers is another way to make your hair look dense if you have thin hair. Make sure to keep the ends of your layers blunt to make your hair look fuller.

A blunt lob that stays around your shoulders makes your hair look voluminous. The other kinds of lob hairstyles that women with thin hair can try out are the angled lob, shaggy lob, stacked lob, and choppy lob.

Mid Length Hair With Long Layers

This style would be right for you if you have fine locks that hold its shape and that which is textured. Adding layers to this type of hair gives it a fuller appearance. However, make sure to keep the layers at a minimum to give volume.

Bangs And Long Layers

Most women love to keep their hair really long. The problem is if you have fine strands it would look flat, stringy, and lifeless. Long layers will add volume to your thin hair. Adding bangs to your layered hair will make you look more stylish and attractive.

One Length All Around

If you have really long hair that is thin adding several layers to it need not always give the desired results. Instead cut it in one length all around. You can add waves to it using a curling iron to make it lively. Using curlers and a good hair setting lotion you can add volume to your fine strands.

The truth is thin hair can be managed quite well. With the right hairstyle, quality hair care products, and a good hairdresser you can add life to your hair and make it look voluminous.


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