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Things To Know Before Your First Sail

There is no other feeling like cruising through the water and the wind blowing your hair with the horizon in the far. So, satisfy your adrenaline rush by giving yourself the pleasure of sailing through the yacht for a luxurious as well as memorable experience. However, before you set onto your first sail, here are some important things to know about for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Research About the Place

Whether sailing or not, it is a good habit to do a basic research on the place where you are planning to visit. And while you are out for a sail, then it becomes important to have an idea about the weather conditions and other stuff. Each place has a different set of attractions and various setbacks too, which would affect the sailing experience. So, having a basic idea about the place will help you plan the sail more efficiently.

Decide the Type of Boat

First-time sailors are very less aware of the different charters available when it comes to sailing. The first one is the bareboat chartering wherein only the boat is provided and hence is not recommended for the newbies. The second is the skippered charter where a small vessel is provided along with a seasoned captain. The last is for those who simply want to unwind, relax, and enjoy the sailing experience to the fullest. In this type, the vessel is provided with the crew and a captain.

Choose the Right Shoes

You might have already decided about your apparel, but do not forget planning for your shoes too. The boat might get slippery at times, and hence it is important to get the right shoe on-board. The best options are the rubber-soled boat boots or sandals that cover your toes so that you stay away from any injury. All other footwear types like flip-flops, street shoes, and black-bottom shoes should be kept clear off the list.

Plan Your Meal

If you are going out for a sail for the entire day (or even a part of a day), plan your meals wisely. In addition, it is a far different experience of having your lunch or dinner while on the sail. The best way to not worry about the meal while sailing in the boutique yachting Samui official is by selecting a sail package that includes an onboard meal. However, if you are not planning for an entire day sailing, then at least get some fruits or sushi for enhancing the exotic experience of the sail.

Get Your First-Aid Kit

You shall normally find a first-aid kit on every boats or vessel. However, it is better to carry your own along while going out for sailing. Keep all the basic first-aid needs like band-aids, tape, pain reliever, antibiotics, etc. while packing your kit.If you are motion-sick, then get your medicines too as this is no place of staying still in the water. Sailing can get rough at times, and it is important to be prepared for every situation well before time.

Don’t Forget the Sun Protection Routine

You are setting out for the sail, so it is no brainer that you will be tossed in sun for the entire day. So, get all your sun protection gears like sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, scarfs, etc.Be on top of your game for staying away from those harmful UV rays and the sunburns.

Store Your Belongings in Water-proof Bag

Sailing can get wet at times. So, it is a good habit of storing your personal items in a waterproof bag or a duffle bag, especially the ones like phones and cameras. As it is said, be safe than being sorry later. It is recommended that you keep all your stuff in the waterproof bag for keeping them away from getting wet during the sail.

These are some important things you should know before you set out for your first sail. However, along with all these, do not forget to have some fun while you are on the sail, as there is no other feeling like this one. And also, do not forget to carry your swimsuit along. Who knows you might feel like taking a quick dip in the calm, blue water and make this trip more memorable.

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