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Three Tips for Being a Convention Exhibitor

Conventions are big business and important to many industries. They provide continuing education opportunities for professionals to stay up on the latest happenings and technologies concerning their craft. They are also great for getting in front of potential employees who are in school or work for other companies. For many businesses, having a presence at major conventions is critical to growth and operations. If you ever have to represent your company at a convention, here are some things to know.

Branding and Visibility

Conferences, trade shows and career fairs usually involve several companies who are all vying for the attention of attendees. When you’re representing your firm, it’s important that you stand out in comparison to all the other exhibitors. Strong branding in your attire, signage and marketing materials is crucial. You don’t want visitors to be confused about the name of your company and what you do. Be sure to include brochures that provide info that’s easy to read and digest. Your signage should be visible and eye-catching and printed on durable materials such as BOPP bags.

Approachability and Personability

Regardless of who the attendees are, you should always be approachable and personable. At a college or career fair, attendees may clamor to chat with you. At an industry trade show, you may be the one hoping for visitors who may or may not stop at your booth. Irrespective of your audience, you should be approachable and friendly. Being knowledgeable about your company or industry only goes so far, if people don’t feel comfortable approaching you. You represent your firm and passersby will draw conclusions based on your appearance. Keep some breath mints close by.

Swag, Swag and More Swag

People love freebies and cool swag. Don’t be that exhibitor that just shows up with brochures. Branded knick-knacks are a staple of many conventions and you should be ready to give the people what they want. While it’s important to have cool swag, you shouldn’t go overboard. There are some trade shows where exhibitors give away cool electronic gadgets and others where pens and pads are more appropriate. Know your audience and prepare accordingly.

Conventions are an essential part of life for various businesses and organizations. Representing a company or group can be fun, but also quite daunting. You’ll spend much of your time meeting new people and holding conversations. You’re there to make a strong impression and be an agent for your organization and its ideals.