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TIEC To Host 2017 Dressage Instructors Seminar Sept 12-15

Tryon International Equestrian Center Set to Host 2017 Dressage Instructors Seminar from September 12-15

Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) proudly presents the 2017 Dressage Instructors Seminar from Tuesday, September 12, through Friday, September 15. TIEC, home of the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018, will host its ever first Dressage Trainer Seminar featuring three internationally renowned instructor trainers: Barbro Ask-Upmark, Education Manager for Tryon International Equestrian Center; Jodi Lees, USEF “S” Dressage Judge; and Randi Thompson, CEO of the Horse and Rider Awareness Educational Programs.

The seminar will focus on innovative teaching techniques and feature hands-on practice with demonstration riders of all levels. The seminar will also provide guidance on how to improve student scores by understanding what competition judges look for during a test, as well as expanding, promoting and protecting horse businesses, and riding and teaching with the Equine Simulator at Tryon International Equestrian Center.

Ask-Upmark said she is very excited to be hosting and instructing during this event. “We are going to take the instructors who attend to a new level of success, as we are able to offer an all-inclusive educational experience, a CDI 3* dressage competition and the equine simulator, that can show them how to ride and teach movements through Grand Prix,” she stated.

“It’s important for the horse industry that trainers are the best they can be. To teach someone how to ride their horse is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly,” she said. “To stay informed and updated with latest teaching techniques shows your clients that you truly care and want to give them the best. This is why I have dedicated my last 11 years to work with the English company, Racewood, to develop this state-of-the-art Equine Simulator. This newest model of simulator can do every discipline, including all levels of dressage movements. Our simulator at Tryon is helping riders to reach levels they never thought possible.”

Lees stated that the Dressage Instructors Seminar was designed to enhance the effectiveness of instructors in both their teaching skills and in the management of their business. “We will have discussions about training, teaching and business concepts specifically pertaining to dressage instructors. There will be a discussion on different movements that reveals how the judge comes up with a score and why,” she commented.

Lees also noted that hosting the seminar at TIEC will allow for a hands-on learning experience: “On day three we will focus on what the judge is seeing at the Tryon Fall Dressage CDI 3* at TIEC. It is important for instructors to know what modifies the scores up and down so that they can focus on what is correct when teaching their students.”

Thompson commented that all three Dressage Instructors Seminar host instructors know what attendees need to do to succeed in the horse business, and are committed to sharing the steps to success that will make a difference for them.

“To be successful as a dressage instructor is much more than coaching riders or training horses, you need to know how to network with other professionals and also how operate as a business both professionally and legally. Barbro, Jodi and I have joined together to share years of experience as successful professionals in the horse world with those who will be attending,” she said. “We are honored to be hosted by the Tryon International Equestrian Center and look forward to presenting the 2017 Dressage Instructor’s Seminar at their world-class facility.”

About the Instructors:
Barbro Ask-Upmark is the Education Manager at TIEC. She is a native of Sweden and relocated to the U.S. in 1999. Ask-Upmark has earned her USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and holds a 5-star rider rating on Centerlinescores.com. She has trained and ridden horses through the Grand Prix level. Ask-Upmark has had a hand in developing the Equine Simulator and teaches instructors from all over the world on the simulator at both TIEC and Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC).

Jodi Lees is a USEF “S” Dressage Judge who has been competing for over 35 years and instructing for over 25 years.Lees has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals, and her students have received many USDF recognition medals. She owns and operates Rivers Edge Farms in the Tryon, NC, area.

Randi Thompson is the founder of Horse and Rider Awareness Educational Programs, which include the Dressage Instructors Seminar. Thompson has been coaching and certifying riding instructors in the horse world for over 25 years in horse and rider training, business and marketing. She has trained National and Regional USDF winners through Intermediate I and a USDF Silver Rider Award Medalist.

To Sign Up:
The Dressage Instructors Seminar is limited to only 14 instructor attendees. It is all-inclusive and includes lodging at the Tryon International Equestrian Center for three nights, three breakfasts and three dinners-all this for only $1,400. For those attendees who do not need lodging, the cost is $1,000. Those who would like to stay after the seminar and watch the Tryon Fall Dressage CDI 3* can make arrangements to stay longer.

To sign up, contact Randi Thompson at success@dressageinstructors.com or call (828) 697-4274 or visit the Dressage Instructors Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dressageinstructors. For more information on Tryon International Equestrian Center, please visit www.tryon.com.


About Tryon International Equestrian Center

Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) has quickly become an international hub for many of the world’s top equestrian athletes. We welcomes guests 365 days a year to watch, dine, shop, and experience one of the premier riding facilities in the world built for the love of horses and our sport.

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