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Tips Buying Sports Bra For All Cup Sizes

There are so many sports bras to choose from in the market today, and wearing one whatever occasion or situation it may be is necessary. The biggest challenge is choosing which amongst these bras would suite you perfectly. It takes hard work and time to get the best bra to suite your body type and support the level of impact you need for your breast.

Your cup size can be a deciding factor when choosing the right sports bra you need, as this is where the amount of support and kind of comfort you need lies. If you are looking for help, you may want to read through this article for tips when buying sports bra according to your cup size,

Tips Buying Sports Bra For All Cup Size

To help you find the best sports bra fitting your body and needs, check below:

For cup size A to C

These cup sizes do not require extreme support, yet you should be able to get good fit and enough amount of support. They have unique needs that should be attended, one of which is that most of the available sports bra make their petite bust look flatter or almost invisible. Moving with smaller bust can be a lot easier and the discomfort a sports bra provides is not highly noticeable for petite bust women, but that does not mean anyone should feel better or okay about it. One should still make an effort to keep her breasts supported well with the sports bra she chooses.

  • Look For: What you have to look at is a sports bra that can allow you to move and would not make you look completely confined and covered. If you want added shape, choose sports bra that has molded cups or push up. Choose sports bras that offer bounce reduction and enough support. When shopping sports bra for cup size A to C women, she must find balance between support and comfort.

Although for women in size C cup would find it more challenging finding the best sports bra for them as brands that serve small sizes may have styles that are small for them, and vice versa for shops/brands catering big sized cups. To make the options easier for them, it is best to check out for sports bra options that have encapsulated cups, this way their chests are separated and both are getting the comfort and support cup C women needs. Check here for options: https://www.tuffwomen.com.

  • Get Rid Of: It is best for this cup sized women to stay away from sports bra that gives full or extra coverage, as this will make your bust look more squashed. Always keep in mind that wearing sports bra should not only give you support but also enhancement in how you look.

For cup size D, DD to larger sized

For this size of bust cup, whatever it is they do, support is recommended. Worry not as much, as there are brands catering cup sizes larger than the usual. Comfort is a major issue for women who have big breasts, hence it is a must that they keep on trying different brands until they find the best one that can give them the comfort and support they need. Look For: Look for a brand that focuses and specializes in larger sized sports bras or at least a brand that adds extra comfort and support features on their extra large sports bras, like padded straps and wider bands. Make yourself always comfortable and supportable all the time

  • Get Rid Of: You must not choose bras that lack support and structure as that is what you need the most. Although comfort and stretchy are also important, yet, you would never want to sacrifice any of these factors.  


Generally for all sizes across, what you need to look for is comfort, support and protection. All these you must consider when buying a sports bra but when taking these factors in consideration, you would never want to step back on making yourself look and feel better. With the many sports bra options available around, there is definitely one that can fit your size and your requirement perfectly.


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