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Top Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Asheville, North Carolina 

The metropolitan area of Asheville counts for nearly 425,000 inhabitants, meaning there should be enough entertainment places for the people in this city from North Carolina. The place is filled with art galleries, movie theatres, colleges, cafes, and restaurants and, since there is always something to do around here, you’ll never get bored. 

When it comes to meals, Asheville was recognized by the Green Restaurant Association as the first U.S. city to become a Green Dining Destination, meaning there are countless “green” or organic restaurants. Most of them serve delicious vegan meals or dishes made of certified organic ingredients, which makes them extremely popular for those looking after their health. 

Asheville is also a pet-friendly place and the almost 200 dining establishments that allow pets inside confirm that. Thus, if you’re tired of the same dry food for cats you’ve been feeding your feline for weeks or want to take your dog out for a delicious steak, you can do just that. Here is a list of tested and appreciated locations you should try on your own, alongside your pet companion. 



The place is overlooking the Historic Pack Square and is appreciated by both customers and their dogs. It was voted as the best dining destination for humans and pets many times, and there are thousands of happy customers to confirm that. 

Posana doesn’t only welcome dogs on the patio and offers them water bowls but even introduced a dog’s menu filled with delicious cooked meals, rich in vitamins, minerals, and high-quality proteins. 

The dog-friendly restaurant serves American-based dishes and is filled with organic and delicious food that can be served throughout the day. The ribs and risotto selection is one of the most appreciated by humans, while dogs can receive a delicious meal consisting of grilled chicken breast with brains or even doggie ice cream treats. 


Sunny Point Cafe

Another popular destination amongst dog owners is this outdoor dining place that has friendly staff and great food. People enjoyed the atmosphere and the wide selection of delicious dishes, including the huevos rancheros. You won’t have to worry about the wait either – you’ll get free coffee and pastries while the staff is preparing your meal. The best thing is that you can order a dinner or lunch meal for your pawed friend as well since the restaurant has some great choices for your pups. 

The family-owned business provides water bowls at each table on the patio for well-behaved dogs, while the menu for humans features salads, burgers, sandwiches, entrees, and even breakfast for dinner dishes. According to most customers, the prices are reasonable too!


White Duck Taco Shop

This food chain venue has numerous locations, including three in Asheville alone. It is popular amongst youngsters and people with dogs as it serves quick bites and delicious meals for those who are in a hurry. At the White Duck Taco Shop, you can expect a wide variety of tacos and fillings, as well as drinks, sides, and tasty desserts. 

Dogs are welcome on the patio and can even enjoy their own drink or a special taco made with quality, organic ingredients just for them. 


12 Bones Smokehouse 

The South location is open Tuesday-Sunday, while the River one is open from Monday to Friday. Both venues serve a wide array of delicious dishes, including meat by the pound, sandwiches, sides, and numerous barbecue-based main courses. 

Dogs are more than welcome to hang out on the patio but don’t expect them to behave properly unless they have their own plate with bones and meat. Luckily, the restaurant staff can help you pick a healthy snack or a full meal for your pup. 

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