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What do you do with an Ol’ timey band born in the 80’s?

You enjoy them! Tar and Rosin has an energy like I haven’t seen in a band for awhile. These folks have wisdom and cadence in their playing that makes you want to get rowdy! With a fiddle, banjo, gee-tar, and wash board, along with collaborations, Tar and Rosin will get your body moving as you order another local brew. Based out of Des Moines, IA at the moment, this mutlicultural band loves Asheville so much, they’re thinking about moving here! If you love a fast string sound, with the passion of a unionist from the 30’s, check out Tar and Rosin. The name of their CD says You Can’t Get There From Here, but if you’re listening while drinking whiskey, you will get there, and you’ll enjoy every minute. They played at a variety of venues around town, including the Westville pub and Highland Brewing Company, while they were here. The band is in Eastern North Carolina right now. They’re headed on up the east coast, but I’ll put money on them coming back here as soon as they can. Just some words of warning: Don’t invite them back to stay the night at your place, and DO NOT call it bluegrass!


About Michelle Leipold

Hello Asheville! I hope I can help y'all find some fun things to do. I love the arts, and I try to check out galleries and music venues as often as possible. If y'all will keep reading, I'll keep talking. I haven't been here that long, but I'm trying to make the most of it. I'm from Atlanta and these mountains have called my name since I was a little girl. So here I am, and I am glad. It's a beautiful thing to wake up each morning and know that there is creativity exploding all over Asheville.

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