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What Qualities Appeal to Women?

When it comes to figuring out what women want, it seems as though they are all over the place. They may say they want a nice guy, but they eventually end up going out with real jerks that rarely seem to give them the time of day. Sure, women will get fed up at some point and move on, but they continually gravitate toward that type of guy. What’s the solution here? Would it involve treating the women we adore poorly?

The quick answer to that is definitely not. Though there’s something that all these men have in common that women love, it isn’t the way they treat them. It lies more in how they treat themselves. What exactly makes a woman fall head over heels for you?

Live your life.

When you begin dating a great girl, especially one that you know has been hurt in the past, you may be inclined to do everything in your power to make her happy. Despite your efforts, you find that she pulls away. Why is that?

Though she loves being doted on and admired, she doesn’t want to feel like your only priority. If you miss out on work or the occasional evening with your friends just so you can spend every available moment with her, she will begin to feel claustrophobic and yearn for her own space. Men aren’t the only ones that love a good chase. In truth, women like a bit of a challenge as well.

Be a leader.

In this day and age, women are independent and can be on their own. But then, that doesn’t mean they mind when a man takes the lead once in a while. Sometimes, women like to let you take control. When you display leadership, you exude confidence. You don’t have to worry about coming up with a clever pick-up line. If you see a situation that has the potential to get out of hand, take the initiative if you can reasonably deter a complication. Women want a man they can respect, and being dependable in sticky situations is a surefire way to catch their attention.

Strong self-worth

When a man takes care of himself and is comfortable in his own skin, women notice and can’t help but admire him. While it also happens to be a handy strategy with the ladies, you should always be self-aware, consistently working to improve yourself and your outlook. Never stop becoming a better person inside and out, whether that entails spending more time engaged in your favorite pastimes, working hard to get promoted at your job, or going to the gym more.

Many men believe they aren’t going to find a woman until they are the best version of themselves. However, you’ll always be an unfinished project. It’s okay to begin looking for the woman of your dreams while still focusing on yourself. Don’t talk yourself out of jumping into the dating scene, or checking out the Internet. You can connect on interracial dating sites, seek out volunteer opportunities, or take a class. There are ways you can put yourself out there to meet single women. The key is to not give up because the perfect woman for you is out there.