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Why Do You Need Car Insurance?

In the modern world, when almost every person has a private vehicle, the question of car insurance arises more often. Many people perceive compulsory insurance as something imposed by the state, but it is worth considering that no one is safe from unforeseen situations. And in the event of an accident, it will be difficult to find the money for car repairs. Therefore, no down payment car insurance can help you.


Types of Car Insurances

It must be remembered that there are two types of car insurance:

  • Voluntary, which is more comprehensive insurance. It is needed to fully insure your car from an accident, robbery, damage, and even theft. Even if someone scratches your car with a key or pierce a tire, insurers will be obliged to pay you all the costs of fixing these problems.
  • Compulsory, which is simple insurance. Our current legislation regulates it. You cant ride a car without it.

Voluntary insurance

But the bottom line is that this first type of insurance is quite expensive. You need to issue it once a year and pay a rather large amount of money. It is worthwhile to deal with this issue only when you know for sure or very strongly suspect that something can happen to the car during the year. Then the contribution to the insurance company will be fully justified. You have to visit www.generalinsurance.com if you are sure that you need this type of insurance.

Compulsory insurance

In all other cases, you use the usual insurance, which is now done in many different places. Ordinary car insurance should always be with the car owner when he or she drives a car. It’s optimal to store this document in a sealed file right in the car, for example, in the back of the seat.

Car insurances can be issued at any major bank or from private companies. This process is really be done very quickly, and its cost is very small.



The following conditions determine the price of car insurance:

  • Type of engine. The cost of insurance will be calculated depending on what maximum engine power. For example, the lower the volume in cubic cm, the less the owner will have to pay for insurance.
  • The driving experience of the owner. If the driver’s driving experience is less than three years, then the amount of insurance is two times higher.
  • Car class. In general, 13 types of cars are distinguished. If the car class is budget, the price will be significantly less than that of the owner of a car 1 class.
  • Your state. Each region sets its own prices in the US.


Based on this, we can conclude that it is best to have two options of insurance policies at once. After all, although a voluntary policy is not mandatory, it covers damage for accidents, the probability of occurrence of which is several times more than the occurrence of an accident with your participation. It should be noted that some minor accidents can be resolved without insurance companies, by mutual agreement of both parties.