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Wizarding Party At Malaprops Celebrates New Harry Potter Book

By order of the Ministry of Magic 
The American Booksellers Association
“The booksellers and baristas of Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe do hereby solemnly swear that we are up to no good!” 
You won’t need a Marauder’s Map to find Western North Carolina’s Wildest Wizarding Party on July 30th, 2016. Just follow the charmed sounds of Hogwarts’ favorite wizard rock band, Hawthorne and Holly. With hits like “I Don’t Want my Dad to Go to Azkaban,” and “I want a Hippogriff for Christmas,” they have taken the Muggle world by storm. 
We’ll screen the first Harry Potter film at 8 p.m. and award prizes to the best dressed wizards in attendance, so don your dress robes. Do you know Hogwarts history better than Hermione Grainger? We’ll see about that as you test your wits in a trivia contest. There will be prizes and giveaways, as well as cupcakes and butterbeer, all night long!
No need to send an owl to purchase tickets. Admission is free to all Muggles! Save your Knuts and Sickles to purchase HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD when it goes on sale at the stroke of midnight. 
Join us for an enchanted evening to celebrate the continuing legacy of JK Rowling’s beloved books for young (and young-ish) readers. 
Hey, we may only be Muggles.
But we are also readers…
And that makes us magical!

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    This is awesome! I love that Asheville is so laid back and open minded.

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