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Year Round Pasta Salad Recipe

How many times have you found yourselves in a situation when you cannot wait for a proper meat meal to get prepared, and too hungry to only eat a veggie salad or a quick snack? Well, when the time comes that your hunger cannot be easily satiated, and your belly just won’t stop growling, it is high time you prepared a pasta salad.

Types of Pasta You Can Use in Pasta Salads

The choices are virtually limitless. Pasta salads can be prepared with so many different types of pasta that I will only manage to describe a few. What they all have in common, though, is the fact that they consist of milled wheat flour and water. Although most of the recipes include an unleavened dough of a durum wheat flour, other kinds of flour can also be used. Pasta can be divided into two categories, dried (pasta secca) and fresh (pasta fresca).


Spaghetti, the staple in the Italian cuisine, and now extremely popular all around the world, including the States, is cylindrical, long and thin pasta. An interesting fact about spaghetti is that they were even longer than today’s 10–12 inches.


Maybe the fact that farfalle is Italian for butterfly will be a tiny bit perplexing for some because this pasta looks more of a bow tie than a butterfly, one thing is for sure: it is a great ingredient to prepare cold pasta salads.


The second most famous pasta after spaghetti, this tube-shaped pasta is two inches long and cut diagonally at both ends. Although most of the recipes that call for penne are sauce and meat based, these will be great in pasta salads as well.

The Best Pasta Salad Recipe

Now, be it for lunch, dinner, or just like a mid-day snack, the Best easy pasta salad | MyGreatRecipes is the recipe I would advise you to prepare. Not only is it easy to prepare, but all the ingredients pair so perfectly together that every bite will be a memorable experience.

Spaghetti is the pasta you should opt for when preparing this salad, although you can use one of the above-mentioned to preference. I can’t quite decide whether it is the garlic and onion that make this salad so scrumptious or the basil and the tomatoes, either way, it is hands down the best one I have ever tasted. I did, however, kick this pasta salad recipe up a notch by adding half a tablespoon of oregano and just a tiny bit of rosemary. If you think this would be too spiced up, you can always stick to the original recipe.

Go ahead and prepare a delicious pasta salad and give yourselves and your loved ones the pleasure of enjoying a light, tasty meal be it for lunch or dinner, be it in summer or winter. Once you’ve tried the Garden Pasta Salad you will never want to try a different one!


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