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How Yoga Can Help With Sleep

If you are reading this, there is a chance you suffer from some form of insomnia. As much as 40% of the adult populations in the U.S suffer from a form of insomnia. A lot of products have been prescribed to you by the physician, but none seems to be working. What should you do? Try yoga!

In simple terms,Yoga is an exercise routine that has low-impact coupled with high returns to your health. Yoga as a practice has been around from around the 12th century. Yoga helps you sleep by allowing mental relaxation of your body.

What are its features & benefits?

Calms nerves

Yoga as a practice advocates for the relaxation of the mind, body, and soul. It leads you into a trance like a state that allows you to meditate and relax your thoughts. Once the session ends your mind is free of any encumbrances allowing you to have a healthy night’s sleep.

Eases physical discomforts

Certain yoga poses allow for the relieving of pains in the body. If pains from exhausted limbs, lower backs and sacrum are causing you to have sleepless nights, then a physician may recommend certain pain medications which might not work. However, yoga might just do the trick with certain poses such as cat-cow and a downward dog known to relieve this certain types of pain.

Reduces insomnia

Research recently one in Brazil separated two groups of women that suffered from insomnia. One group did yoga sessions twice per week while the other group did not receive any yoga sessions and solely relied on sleeping pills. The group that received yoga session showed a severe decline of episodes of insomnia. What’s more, they had greater stress resistance compared to the group that didn’t receive yoga. The study had a conclusion that yoga had a considerable effect on insomnia when practiced consistently.

Allows concentration

Due to yoga’s demands for physical and mental strength, if you practice yoga always mental alertness will be heightened. It will allow you to be more focused once you arrive at your workstation. Heightened attention will allow you to perform to your best ability. Once the day ends,your mind will be tired, thereby needing sleep which will now come quickly. Since the mind was completely engaged during the day, you will not experience constant disruptions to your sleeping patterns. If your concentration is affected by an addiction, click here.

How Exercise Can Help You Sleep

Well, you know the drill! Exercise is good for the heart, mind, body and soul. That is the drill I’m talking about, the one you hear from your trainer at the gym or on the tv. I am here to tell youexercise helps you sleep!

Yep! You read that right using that treadmill, riding your bike, running and all other forms of exercise will help you sleep. Howyou wonder? Apart from reducing the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep, exercise has been found to increase sleeping time. Here are some of the reasons.

Body temperature.

A regular exercise session will have an increase of body temperature. This is due to the calories being burnt in that session. Once you stop exercising there is a drop in temperature levels in the body. Sleep will come much quickly due to the decline in body temperature.

Reducing insomnia symptoms

Insomnia is mainly caused by feelings such as anxiety, depression and high arousal. Exercise helps you sleep by reducing these symptoms. Once the symptoms are reduced the brain will be able to relax thereby allowing you to sleep. Circadian rhythms primarily refer to the body’s clock. What exercise will do, is reduce insomnia for people whose insomnia is related to their body’s clock. An exercise period will shift the body’s timing thereby reducing insomnia.

Allows better focus during daytime

If you exerciseregularly, you are able to focus properly during the day. This allows you to do work to the best of your ability. A spillover effect will be realized when it comes to sleeping time. Sleeping will be much easier since your body is worked and requires proper rest.

Increases sleep quality

Due to the rigors of the exercise session, your body will be likely to fall asleep quicker compared to previously. On top of that, you will experience a better quality of sleep. What this means is you will have fewer episodes of sleep interruptions. All sleep disruptions are not necessarily insomnia. You may just experience the interruptions from time to time but not constantly. Sleep will be great endless bliss once you start exercising.


As the points above show, exercise helps you sleep. On top of that exercise will guarantee you have an excellent quality of life. It will make sure you do not have to be out of breath when climbing activities or during any other physical activities.

Apart from helping the physical aspects of your body, yoga helps you sleep much quickly. What’s more, it is not as physically demanding as other forms of exercise despite achieving the same or greater results when compared to them.

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