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Your Complete Guide For Using Louvres On Your Home

Louvre screens never gained a reputable image when considering to up the style quotient of your house. It is mainly because nobody truly understood what they offer. People also think that they are best suited for commercial spaces, while others believe that they require a lot of effort while cleaning. However, none of this is true. Louvres offer practical indoor and outdoor window solutions and are now an integral part of residential spaces.


This article will tell you all about louvres – from their history to their advantages and how to use them in your homes.



The invention of louvres dates back to Medieval Europe – kitchens needed ventilation as well as protection from the outside weather; louvre windows offered both. 


Initially, louvre windows were built of a wood or clay box. The box had rows of wooden slats which provided ventilation and protection from sun, rain or snow. 



  • You can control the sunlight that enters your indoor space. Glass louvre windows deflect light perfectly and are best-suited to regions where the mercury remains on the higher side.


  • Louvre windows are the only type of windows in which you can clean the outside from the inside. 


  •  They offer you complete control of your privacy.


  • They can open completely, offering smooth airflow when needed. It also means that a lot of light will enter your indoor space, helping you save energy and reducing bills. 


Checklist for choosing the perfect louvre screens

Louvre screens should:

  • Be available in a range of colours
  • Offer good warranty 
  • Be available in standard sizes
  • Save energy
  • Be easy to install and clean
  • Be easy to control


Ways to use louvres on your home


  • Sun Shading – Sun shading is the most common way people use louvres on their homes. The cold winter months require sunlight to enter your house, while the same can be uncomfortable during the summer days. Louvres offer the best solution to this problem by doing exactly what you need during different seasons. 




  • Privacy – Not all of us like a home that is separated from the outside world – they feel suffocating at times. Your home needs to maintain the right balance between privacy and natural light. Louvres offer the perfect balance between the two by allowing the right amount of natural light inside. 



For the best results, you’ll need to know the direction you need privacy from and the level of privacy you desire. 



  • Ventilation – Another common way to use louvres is for the purpose of ventilation. Louvre screens can also open up your home to the outside world, allowing free-flow of air in and out. 



Houses near the coast make the best use of this feature. They allow cool air from the sea to enter inside and lower the energy consumption. 


The best thing about using louvres for ventilation is that you don’t need to think much. All you need is to know the areas where the air usually enters and exits. You can also choose from a range of large to small louvres depending upon your needs.



  • Outdoors – Outdoor louvre screens are becoming popular in the majority of Australian homes nowadays. They offer the best way to experience the Australian weather by providing the exact amount of privacy between the indoor and outdoor space; best suited for small house gatherings with friends and family.



They also make sure that your home looks classy and stylish by giving it a modern yet vintage look at the same time. 


And Finally

Modern Australians have realised the benefits louvres offer in their homes. Louvres maintain the right balance between privacy and a claustrophobic indoor space. If you’re also thinking of using them in your home, start right away.