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6 Tips to Keep Your Pet’s Coat Healthy and Shining

Pet lovers are always on the scout for the best advice on keeping their best friends healthy and happy. While today there is a plethora of tasty treats you can buy for your pet’s specific health needs, nothing beats the discipline of everyday care and grooming of your pet.

Your dog’s coat, in particular, is greatly affected by their diet and general care. In fact, vets globally treat a lack-luster coat as a sign of an underlying health problem. This could be anything from a nutrition deficiency to a bacterial infection to a malfunctioning thyroid gland.

So here are 6 ways to care for your pet’s coat and keep it soft and shining.

Pay attention to a dull and/or dry coat

First and foremost, be attentive to a dull and dry coat, which is usually indicative of a nutritional deficiency caused by poor diet, for which your vet may prescribe a nutritional supplement besides suggesting changes in daily meals.

Dullness and dryness can also be caused by the chemicals in pet shampoos and other pet care products. Check if you’re recently switched to a new product, which may be causing the issue. Other causes of your pet’s coat losing its shine and bounce are fleas and infections, and immediate medical help must be sought for these.

Switch to a healthier, wholesome diet

Most pet problems have a nutritional deficiency at their root. By introducing nutrient-rich foods to your pet’s daily meals, you can improve their internal health easily and effectively, which will show in their coat, temperament and general behavior.

Add fish (sardines, tuna, salmon) and Omega-3-fortified eggs to your pet’s diet; add a spoonful of sunflower oil to each meal; use flaxseed oil (mixed in food) often; and feed them healthy natural foods such as coconut (or coconut oil) for great results.

To fulfil protein requirements naturally, give your growing pet turkey and chicken.

Explore health supplements for proper nutrition

For those strapped for time, there are of course solutions that can help you bolster your pet’s health in a convenient and effective way. Health supplements for pets are all the rage nowadays, and not without reason. They are enriched with essential nutrients and are available as tasty treats that can be fed to your pet without fuss.

Tom Wisnewski from Vet IQ says that the right health supplements for your dog can prevent unnecessary vet visits.

A little extra in your pet’s daily diet can go a long way in managing their health with minimum effort. If you buy only quality wellness supplements enriched with vitamins, proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids—and you will see results in a short time.

Maintain proper hygiene but don’t overdo it

Just as applying too much soap leaves human skin dry and scaly, shampooing your pet’s coat too frequently will do more harm than good as the chemicals will rob their coat of natural moisture and skin oils, leaving it dull and dry.

Give your pet a bath once in 15-20 days with only a hypoallergenic shampoo that’s gentle on the skin. Follow this with a generous application of almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil or any other skin-nourishing oil. This will keep your dear friend’s coat soft and supple.

Another alternative to bathing your dog is to give them a spa either at the salon or right at home. Use a quality essential oil for best results.

Don’t be wary of the vet

While we tend to self-medicate for a number of minor health problems, it’s best to avoid doing this for your pet. If you notice itchy or scaly skin or any other sign of trouble, visit the vet as soon as possible. Delaying proper treatment will only make the condition worse and increase your pet’s suffering.

Aside from SOS visits to the doctor, regular check-ups must be incorporated into pet care, regardless of the present health of your little friend. This will ensure that your pet’s getting regularly screened for any skin infections. Additionally, each visit will give you an opportunity to get sage advice on nutrition, diet and other important information regarding your pet’s wellbeing.

Protect your pet from extreme temperatures

Whatever the weather, your pet must have adequate protection from extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Give them proper shelter and bedding both outside and inside the house, use weather-appropriate clothing, and apply sunscreen when going out in the harsh sun. Basically, do all that you would do to protect a young child from the elements.

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